Book Review- A Call to Spiritual Reformation


CarsonOne would think that if something was important to God and he required his people to do it then he would provide adequate instruction as to how to accomplish it.  Right?  Why then is it that prayer is often so over complicated and administered while also being the most neglected Christian practice?

There are myriads of possible answers to this question and instead of trying to answer them, D.A. Carson has chosen to write a most helpful and instructive book dealing with how to pray.

A Call to Spiritual Reformation is a book that walks through each of the Apostle Paul’s prayers in the New Testament.  Carson provides the careful, clear and thorough biblical treatment that we have come to accept and appreciate from him, while at the same time he provides intensely practical (and convicting!) habits from his own prayer life to serve as an example.

One of the great lessons that this book teaches is the priority of praying biblically.  Carson shows throughout the need to calibrate our hearts and our requests with the types of petitions outlined in Scripture.  This is to include petitions, thanksgiving, laments, etc.

In so far as this book is biblical it is reforming, therefore it is among the ‘must reads’ for Christians.  Don’t let the weightiness of Dr Carson’s other books intimidate you, this book is easily understood and tremendously practical.

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