A New Resource on an Old Confession

I’m grateful to observe a renewed interest in historic creeds and confessions. By their timestamps, these documents can serve the church today by relativizing our current moment. We aren’t the first Christians. Thankfully, there have been faithful generations before us who’ve thought carefully about biblical doctrine. And they’ve built tremendous resources for us today. Many of these creeds and confessions are full of clear, distilled, and accessible truths.

Over the years, many supplementary resources have been published to aid in the study and use of the confessions by the church. So I’m happy to see that the statement I confess, the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (2LCF), is seeing an uptick in the publishing of related resources. Along these lines, I want to make you aware of A New Exposition of the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689, edited by Rob Ventura. This book contains chapters written by Reformed Baptist pastors and teachers.

I’ve had the chance to work through a draft copy over the last few months, and I’m excited about its publication. I see this being useful in our church in a few different ways.

First, it will help teachers. I usually have the 2LCF open in a tab or a hard copy on my desk. When teaching on any given topic, I look to the confession to help me with clarity and precision. However, sometimes I want to wring it out a bit further. This book provides pastoral reflections in the chapters, which are the types of things I often look for.

Second, it will help church members. If you use the 2LCF in your church, this book will help Christians dig in and understand the chapters further. It’s written in an accessible way. I plan to give away copies.

Third, I think it would be helpful for non (Reformed) Baptists to understand better what is confessed.

I’m glad to see this resource in print and am grateful to God for the pastors who labored to serve Christ and his church in this way.

I received an email yesterday from Westminster Books indicating they are running a sale on this. So if you want to pick up a copy of it, this might be a good time.