What to Do with Your Desperation

Jim Shaddix on Psalm 42:1–5

“Don’t ever let your mouth be wet with the satisfaction of status quo. Pray that God will give you a thirst for a fresh encounter with him.” — Jim Shaddix

Text: Psalm 42:1–5

Preached: October 7, 2012

Location: First Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, Louisianna

Jim Shaddix is a professor of expository preaching at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as a pastor in Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Missisippi, and Colorado, and as dean of the chapel and professor of preaching at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Shaddix is the author of several books, including The Passion-Driven Sermon: Changing the Way Pastors Preach and Congregations Listen.

You can listen to his episode of TGC Word of the Week here.

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