What Should You Do When You Hear Bad Teaching?

Blair Linne, Trillia Newbell, and Rosaria Butterfield Discuss
What Should You Do When You Hear Bad Teaching?

Trillia Newbell, Blair Linne, and Rosaria Butterfield Discuss

In this seven-minute roundtable, Trillia Newbell, Blair Linne, and Rosaria Butterfield discuss what to do when you’re in a small group setting and someone says something inaccurate or unhelpful. Linne (wife, mother, actress, and spoken word artist) encourages us to consider a number of issues before we respond: Who said it? What did they say? Who heard it? Butterfield (author of Openness Unhindered) reminds us of the importance of truth and that we’re called to be salt and light in a world that desperately needs Christians to speak up. Newbell (director of community outreach for the ERLC and author of Enjoy) talks about the need, especially for women, to be bold in confronting false teaching.

No matter your setting, this video (or audio here) will encourage you to speak the truth in love when someone needs to hear it.   

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