We recently returned home from the The Gospel Coalition 2013 National Conference in Orlando and are catching up with life and work. What a tremendous time it was for TGC International Outreach! My wife, Cindi, and I felt so privileged to meet with so many in attendance. Our team engaged in nearly 100 meetings with missionaries, publishers, supporters, and nationals from all over the world. The five days were long and intense but incredibly encouraging. We are always touched by how the Lord is clearly building his global church.

As we’ve done at other conferences, we offered the attendees a chance to preorder cases of “theological famine relief” books through our Packing Hope program. Just from this one conference, 75 cases of books will be packed, sent, and distributed to more than 15 countries through field relationships with many of our partners. If you missed this opportunity, you can always order from our Packing Hope resource page.

By way of a brief annual report, I’m excited to offer two statistical summaries of how God worked in 2012:

  • 24 Relief Projects were funded in 11 languages, including resources by Piper, Sproul, Carson, Keller, Bridges, Grudem, Gilbert, and others.
  • God enabled us to distribute more than 64,000 resources to 40 countries in 11 languages, including Russian, French, Hindi, Spanish, Telugu, Chinese, and Burmese.

Most importantly, though, our hearts are burdened to get that one critical gospel-centered resource into the hands of the pastor who badly needs it for his own soul and to lead those in his own congregation.

This month please pray for and consider:

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