The Gospel Coalition just released the April 2017 issue of Themelios, which has 253 pages of editorials, articles, and book reviews. It is freely available in three formats: (1) PDF, (2) web version, and (3) Logos Bible Software. A print edition will be available for purchase in several weeks from Wipf and Stock.

Links to editorials, articles, and book reviews in Themelios 42.1 are included below.

  1. D. A. Carson | Editorial: Subtle Ways to Abandon the Authority of Scripture in Our Lives
  2. Daniel Strange | Off the Record: ‘Just Mike’: A Tribute to Mike Ovey (1958–2017)
  3. Jason S. DeRouchie | Is Every Promise ‘Yes’? Old Testament Promises and the Christian
  4. Jared M. August | The Messianic Hope of Genesis: The Protoevangelium and Patriarchal Promises for the Knowledge of Human Origins
  5. Matt Champlin | A Biblical Theology of Blessing in Genesis
  6. Dane Ortlund | Reflections on Handling the Old Testament as Jesus Would Have Us: Psalm 15 as a Case Study
  7. Robert S. Smith | Belting Out the Blues as Believers: The Importance of Singing Lament
  8. David Starling | ‘For Your Sake We Are Being Killed All Day Long’: Romans 8:36 and the Hermeneutics of Unexplained Suffering
  9. Frederik S. Mulder | Gospel Differences, Harmonisations, and Historical Truth: Origen and Francis Watson’s Paradigm Shift?
  10. Book Reviews
    1. Old Testament | 8 reviews
    2. New Testament | 8 reviews
    3. History and Historical Theology | 4 reviews
    4. Systematic Theology and Bioethics | 10 reviews
    5. Ethics and Pastoralia | 10 reviews
    6. Mission and Culture | 11 reviews