The Gospel Coalition just released the latest issue of Themelios. It is available as a 198-page PDF and in HTML.

  1. D. A. Carson | Editorial: As If Not
  2. Michael J. Ovey | Colonial Atheism: A Very British Vice
  3. Eric Ortlund | The Pastoral Implications of Wise and Foolish Speech in the Book of Proverbs
  4. David A. Shaw | Telling the Story from the Bible (Part 2): Reviewing The Big Picture Story Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible
  5. Book Reviews
    1. Old Testament | 7 reviews
    2. New Testament | 21 reviews
    3. history and historical theology | 5 reviews
    4. systematic theology and bioethics | 8 reviews
    5. ethics and pastoralia | 12 reviews
    6. missions and culture | 12 reviews

Don Carson adds this update at the end of his editorial:

The extensive book review section in each fascicle of Themelios is overseen by six book review editors. We have tried to draw these capable people from various quarters of the globe. Until this issue, Daniel Santos has capably served as our Old Testament Book Review Editor. He is now stepping down owing to increased responsibilities in Sao Paulo. We thank God for his service. At the same time we warmly welcome his successor, Jerry Hwang, of Singapore Bible College, who earned his doctorate at Wheaton College. Some readers will recognize his name from the reviews he has already written for Themelios. We look forward to fruitful collaboration. . . . Soli Deo gloria.