This is the latest volume in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, edited by D. A. Carson:

Andrew G. SheadA Mouth Full of Fire: The Word of God in the Words of Jeremiah. New Studies in Biblical Theology 29. Nottingham, England: Inter-Varsity; Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 2012. 321 pp.

Here’s how Carson introduces the book in the series preface:

It is extraordinarily rare for a reading of a biblical book to be simultaneously creative and convincing, but Dr Andrew Shead has managed it in this work on Jeremiah. It is even more extraordinary for a book that exemplifies careful exegesis and the best of one kind of biblical theology to speak authoritatively to the discipline of systematic theology, but Dr Shead’s work manages that, too. Characterized by tight and disciplined writing and careful thought, this volume deserves careful study. You will never again read Jeremiah exactly the same way you have read it in the past. No less important, as you work carefully through the pages of this volume you will see, in Jeremiah’s doctrine of the word of God, a convincing anticipation of one who is called the Word of God—-but without the artificial links that frequently characterize attempts to read Old Testament books Christologically. This is an important and stimulating book.

This is the fourth volume in the series that includes this note in the front matter:

An index of Scripture references for all the volumes may be found at

In the master spreadsheet, I’ve combined the Scripture indexes for all the NSBT volumes and placed an asterisk by each page number where there is a discussion rather than merely a reference or brief comment. Download it here.