Every Christian is a storyteller. To share the gospel is to tell someone a story about what God has done for the world through Jesus Christ. To be entrusted with the gospel is to own the responsibility to tell this story to others. Sharing the gospel with someone means you tell them story of redemption—sin, sacrifice, forgiveness, renewal, and redemption.

The Gospel Coalition and the Austin Stone Church recently collaborated to create the Storyframes Collective for the purpose of celebrating the extraordinary work of God in the lives of ordinary people.

Through excellence in the art of storytelling (film, photojournalism, spoken word, and writing), this project aims to recount God's redemptive, transforming work in the lives of our brothers and sisters. In form, this website collects encouraging stories about God's grace. In function, we want these stories to inspire you to praise God.


The Gospel Goes Further - “I remember that fear gripped me, I knew what was coming. I remember thinking please, God, don't let it happen. And it happened anyway.”


When Love Leads - In the face of betrayal and on the brink of divorce, David and Marlena discover afresh the pursuing love of Jesus. “Forgiven to Forgive” is this couple's story of betrayal, distance, confession, redemption—and of the marriage-mending power of the gospel.

Jacob Chen: An Adoption Story - “Jacob Chen: An Adoption Story” follows the Chen couple as they meet their adopted son, Jacob, for the first time. As the film demonstrates, adoption can be an outward witness to and expression of worship for God's adoption of us—and a way to showcase the gospel in living color to the world (Gal. 4:4-7).

Living with Cerebral Palsy - “The hardest thing is loneliness. I am my own greatest enemy when I am left to my loneliness.” This is a story of how Roger finds hope in the midst of living with cerebral palsy.


In the Name of the Father

The Gift of a New Family

Partnership in the Gospel

We hope you not only enjoy reading, hearing, and seeing these stories, but also take time to observe the stories of those around you. Tell others the story of what God has done for the world in Jesus Christ, and tell us your story — what God has done in you.