After TGC Arizona‘s recent regional conference, Paul Tripp sat down with Josh Vincent, pastor of Trinity Bible Church in Phoenix, to discuss themes related to his book Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry (Crossway) [review | interview]. “Of all the books I’ve written, I think it’s accurate to say I wept my way through this one,” Tripp reflects. “To recognize that you actually need the gospel you preach is a wonderfully healthy thing.”

Tripp also observes how perilously lonely leadership can be. Since “every pastor is in need of pastoring,” it’s imperative for leadership teams to cultivate environments of candor and grace. “An elder board can so easily become the logistical board of a religious institution rather than a spiritual community,” he says. Carving out time to pray together, then, is one small yet vital way to promote unity and health.

“There’s also an underplayed devotional aspect to preaching,” Tripp adds. “One of the most powerful things is when your people get to watch you worship your way through your own sermon.”

And what about the minister’s marriage? “Think about how many ministry wives are dealing with two men—the public man and the private man,” he says. “And they know the public man isn’t the one they get to have at home.” This sad state of affairs may be common, Tripp says, but it’s not hopeless.

Watch the full 20-minute video to learn from Tripp about mentoring, delegating, sermon prep, pulpit humor, and more.

Paul Tripp on Ministry from Thomas Daniel Media on Vimeo.