TGC IO Offers Free Shipping in March

Take a moment to imagine the rooms in your home. Do you see books? Do you have Bibles in different versions and sizes? Multiple copies of the same book? More books in other rooms? 

Now imagine your home without those books that have shaped your parenting, your career choices, your marriage, and your understanding of God’s Word. As Tim Keller puts it

Imagine that you are an indigenous pastor of a local church trying to shepherd a small congregation, with little to no access to formal education. Your understanding of the basic truths of the Bible is greatly lacking. You own only a couple of books, and those are of questionable value. Internet access is not reliable. And yet you are responsible for feeding and leading your local church. You and your congregation are struggling to experience the life-changing power of the gospel.

Ready for Distribution

The Gospel Coalition International Outreach (TGC IO) provides resources for free distribution through indigenous leaders, short-term and long-term mission teams, and individuals who travel internationally. These resources have been translated, printed, and packaged for delivery throughout the Global South. We call this Theological Famine Relief.

Packing Hope is your opportunity to put resources into the hands of pastors and church leaders, to leave a lasting impression where it’s needed most. We will send you cases of resources to check with your luggage. You only need to place an online order, and the resources will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Gift for Them at No Cost to You

Maybe you’ve felt burdened to take resources on a short-term trip, but you couldn’t afford the shipping cost. Perhaps the fundraising for your summer trip barely covers travel expenses. If you’re a long-term missionary, you may have tapped out your support. Or perhaps you have plans to vacation with your family but don’t realize you can participate in Theological Famine Relief without specific mission plans.    

Here is your opportunity to take resources without any cost at all. For the month of March we are offering free shipping on a variety of resources. No cost to you. No strings attached.

Simply fill out a short form to receive a “free shipping” promotional code.

Please consider joining the growing numbers of those who pack hope around the globe.



Stock Located and Shipped within the United States

(Arabic) Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die

(Chinese) The Gospel in Life

(English) Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons

(English) Expository Apologetics

(English) The God Who Is There DVD

(English) Titus for You

(English) Crossway Pastors’ Books Set

(English) ESV Global Study Bible

(English) The Pastor’s Wife

(English) The Book of the Covenant

(English) Filling Up the Afflictions of Christ

(English) Everyone’s a Theologian

(English) Preaching the Cross

(English) Proclaiming a Cross-Centered Theology

(French) Let the Nations Be Glad

(Spanish) Spanish Pastors’ Book Set

Stock Located In-Country

(Hindi) Finally Alive

(Bengali) Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die

(Japanese) The Supremacy of God in Preaching

(Khmer) Preaching Philippians

(Manipuri) Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die

(Nepali) Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

(Oriya) The Gospel as Center

(Russian) The Cross and Christian Ministry

(Swedish) Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die

(Urdu) Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die

(Croatian) The Supremacy of God in Preaching


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