Election Night ended relatively early for political observers anxious to see if President Obama would prevail in his re-election bid and if his Democratic Party could maintain control of the U.S. Senate. Though he did not win in a landslide, President Obama won decisively. He and his allies can be expected to pursue a governing mandate that deeply concerns many evangelicals, especially with regard to religious liberty, abortion, and traditional marriage. How, then, can evangelicals work in the next four years to find common ground with the President, pray for him, and pursue priorities where we disagree?

In the latest edition of Going Deeper with TGC, Mark Mellinger and I connected with Russell Moore to sort out the election aftermath. Dean of the School of Theology and senior vice president for academic administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Moore previously worked on Capitol Hill and still closely follows the candidates and issues across the country. He talks with us about where evangelicals might support President Obama, how our churches should respond to demographic shifts, why the nation opted for status quo, and much more.

As the podcast continues, The Gospel Project managing editor Trevin Wax talks with George Robinson about how the Law fits in the grand story of God’s plan of redemption. The also discuss common threads in the Ten Commandments. Finally, to end this installment of Going Deeper with TGC, Mark and I take a closer look at #TGC13, The Gospel Coalition’s upcoming National Conference, April 6 to 10 in Orlando, Florida. Moore will be there to lead a workshop, “Black and White and Red All Over: Racial Reconciliation and the Gospel in the Local Church” (click here to learn more). We’re also announcing a Christmas special (expiring December 26): now you can save $80 when you add your spouse to registration for only $125. If you’re a student or coming from outside the United States, you can add a spouse for $100.

If we learned nothing else from yesterday’s election, we saw the urgent need for the church to come together and encourage one another to stand fast with the conviction of God’s Word as we spur each other to reach out to our neighbors in the love of Christ with the power of the gospel. Hopefully #TGC13, and especially the missions pre-conference April 6 and 7, will aid in that effort.

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Going Deeper with TGC, 11-7, with Russell Moore