Editors’ note: 

Produced by the Acton Institute, For the Life of the World seeks to examine the bigger picture of Christianity’s role in culture, society, and the world. To purchase the full DVD collection with a study guide, visit Hearts & Minds.

“What is our salvation actually for?”

That’s the question at the center of For the Life of the World: Letters to Exiles, a seven-part film series that we introduced last week with Episode 1: Exile. This week, we’re excited to share Episode 2: The Economy of Love.

In a world where the concept of family is under siege, we need to understand the definition of marriage, but we also need to understand its purpose—especially as it relates to the common good and the flourishing of society.

When a man and a woman say “I do” at the altar, not only are they saying “yes” to one another, they are also saying “yes” to the world. Family is the institution wherein we learn our true nature as gift-gifters. The first and foundational step toward a flourishing society, therefore, is pro-creative, generational investment in outward-focused families—families that cultivate long-sighted character of trust, hope, initiative, and love. Such investment in the family is an investment in a moral, virtuous society.