For more than twenty years, Christians have been singing the praise music created by singer-songwriter Dennis Jernigan. Yet few people know the story of how, before he began to follow Christ, Jernigan was caught up in a destructive homosexual lifestyle. Embracing his desires only lead to more pain and loneliness, but through music he was able to find a sense of peace. Through music, Jernigan says, God changed him in ways he could have never imagined. After re-dedicating his life to Christ in his mid-20s, Jernigan was inspired to “begin his ministry recording music, sharing his story, and leading others to freedom.”

Sing Over Me is a new documentary about Jernigan’s life, his struggles, and his triumphs through God’s grace. The film will be available for purchase on DVD and video-on-demand on October 1, but Free Verse Films has allowed TGC to offer free viewing of the entire documentary throughout September. 

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