I recently received this note from a ministry partner who will be taking TGC International Outreach resources to Kenya in the coming months. It articulates well the great need and our hopes for impact.

There is a lack of solid theological material that explains the gospel in such a complete way in our area. Many cults, false beliefs, and the prosperity gospel have mislead many people. It is immensely valuable to have solid material that is in an accessible language. I am praying that these books will help us to infiltrate our community with the true gospel and that they will be passed from person to person throughout our region and the whole country and many people will come to know Christ as their Savior.

This week my wife and I, along with our key volunteers, will have the privilege of exhibiting at the Desiring God national conference in Minneapolis. I am greatly looking forward to visiting with those attending the conference who are engaged in the global cause of missions: pastors, missions pastors, long-term and short-term cross-cultural workers. The most invigorating aspect of my work in the past few years is the honor of getting to know so many who are being deployed around the world. We love to partner with these friends in the cause of Theological Famine Relief for the Global Church. If you will be at the conference this week, please stop by our TGC booth. We would love to meet you.

This past month, we invited those coming to this event to order Packing Hope resources for overseas trips in the months ahead. The response has been wonderful. Altogether, from this event we will be sending out 64 cases of resources to the countries listed below. It always amazes me to see how far and wide God is sending people out of just one conference.

Mission Together

Here are two more comments, from Packing Hope partners, that describe the mission we are on together.

  • We have multiple trips each year the purpose of which are to encourage and strengthen the staff on the ground there as well as directly minister to the children we serve. We have a partnership with a local church and its pastors, who frequently hold or are a part of pastors conferences with indigenous pastors. I hope to see depth of preaching and theological understanding grow as a result of these resources for the pastors in Uganda.
  • The students and pastors that we have come to know are voracious seekers of God. They pursue the depths and details of their Bibles with feverish love. The library at the college is woefully lacking. They have a few books that have been worn thin. They will treasure having these additional resources, and they will be read so many more times than a book bound for a Western shelf. Carson’s theological insight and ability to exegete difficult concepts, the connections that Piper makes and the passion with which he delivers it, and Mark Dever’s thoughtful ecclesiastical conviction will turn on many lights for these Indian shepherds. Thank you so much for your sacrifice to help equip others for the teaching of God’s Word!

Please join us in rejoicing over what God is doing through these partners, and pray for fruitfulness from the resources they will be bringing to those in need around the world. Packing Hope resources are always available to be donated for your upcoming missions work. We also invite you to consider one-time or monthly support of International Outreach and our Relief Projects. If you are engaged in global missions, we would love to partner with you in theological famine relief.