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New Music Project Helps Kids Learn Theology

Who is God?

What is sin?

The Gospel Coalition is excited to announce a new music project aimed at helping kids learn about God. In partnership with James and Dana Dirksen and their Songs for Saplings collection, we have made 111 songs adapted from the Westminster Shorter Catechism available for free streaming on TGC's website. We hope you can use these songs to help teach your kids important truths about God.

As a parent of four, I am always looking for great teaching resources for my kids. I met James and Dana at our last national conference in Orlando and received some of their music. By the time our road trip home was over, my kids were actually singing good theology. I asked them if we could incorporate their music into a special web project for The Gospel Coalition as well as the New City Catechism app. dirksen-4

Songs for Saplings is a ministry from the Dirksen family. They live in Portland, Oregon, with their six children, and the entire family contributes to these projects.

I asked Dana to share why she started this Songs for Saplings:

Kids are really smart. They soak up everything they hear and see. What we really wanted to do was create fun, interesting music that would be saturated with Bible verses and theology. The question-and-answer method is an old and beautiful method for teaching kids. How many times has your 6-year-old asked you a question about how something works or why something is? It happened every hour with my babies.

We're finished all six volumes now, and my prayer is that the lyrics will sink down deep in kids' hearts so they will be able to remember the truths they learned there for the rest of their lives. And not just in English. We've started translating the songs into other languages. We have albums recorded in Chichewa (the language in Malawi), French, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, and I'm actually in Quito, Ecuador, right now recording our first volume in Spanish.

James added:

This partnership with The Gospel Coalition is really a gift from God to us. We're doing what we think brings glory to God by using the limited gifts we have, and since we've finished this series our main goal is to get the music to people any way we can. Having the music available for free for anyone to listen to on The Gospel Coalition's site it a great way to do that—and clearly is an answer to our prayers.

We hope you find this new project to be helpful. This is just another way TGC is trying to serve the local church by providing free theological resources. Please take some time to listen to a few of the songs and check out the Songs for Saplings website. This could also make a great stocking stuffer for your kids.