Rob Bell’s forthcoming book Love Wins has already raised perennial questions about universalism, exclusivism, the love of God, and heaven and hell. Every day more voices lend their opinions on the growing controversy—most recently Brian McLaren, Albert Mohler, Scot McKnight, and Mark Galli of Christianity Today among them. The mainstream media, including The New York Times and CNN, have even taken notice.

The book, then, affords Christians the opportunity to revisit the biblical teaching on these weighty matters. Actually, the controversy demands that we seek together how to understand and fit together the Scriptural testimony of God's character. What did Jesus himself say about God's wrath and hell? Why did Jesus go to the Cross? And what’s the best way to relate this teaching to a skeptical culture? How do we love our neighbors by relating this news to them?

Responding to significant demand, The Gospel Coalition has added a new event—“God: Abounding in Love, Punishing the Guilty”—addressing these subjects during our upcoming national conference. Starting at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 14, TGC president and co-founder Don Carson will speak from the Grand Ballroom stage at McCormick Place. After about 35 minutes, he'll be joined in a panel discussion by TGC co-founder and vice president Tim Keller, along with council members Crawford Loritts, Stephen Um, and Kevin DeYoung. The panel will field questions submitted from the audience. The event will conclude at 8:40 a.m. in time to prepare for the morning session on the conference's final day.

We do not intend in this event to debate one pastor's opinions. Instead, we want to examine the Bible and review the history of orthodox belief. So don't miss this special event. Register now for TGC11 and come prepared to study God's Word together. Most importantly, please pray that God would give the church of Jesus Christ great wisdom and grace in the days ahead.