New Community Podcast Launches Today: TGC Q&A

People are taking to the Web to find answers to their spiritual questions. A Google search can take you to any number of websites. Likewise, YouTube, Instagram, and an abundance of podcast platforms are becoming more prominent places to share and find information that can lead to the truth, or sadly, to a distorted gospel.

Wherever people are searching online, we want to make sure the answers they find are sound, biblical, wise, and helpful.

This year, our team at The Gospel Coalition has created a new podcast network, featuring both familiar and all-new podcast shows. We hope these podcasts provide answers to your questions and lead you to find hope in Jesus. 

      • We’re excited to launch our network today with our first community podcast: TGC Q&A. Each week on this podcast, we’ll bring you a conversation from Council members and friends who provide unique perspective on your most pressing spiritual questions. Listen to a new TGC Q&A episode each Monday and Wednesday. To submit a question you’d like to hear answered on this new podcast, email us at [email protected]. Subscribe today!


      • We’ve also refreshed The Gospel Coalition Podcast. This podcast now exclusively features keynote and breakout sessions from our national, regional, and women’s conferences. Tune in every Friday to hear a new message. 


      • We’re glad to continue hosting podcasts from our friends Nancy Guthrie and Tony Merida. In Help Me Teach the Bible, Nancy Guthrie talks to some of the best teachers and preachers of our day to equip all kinds of Bible teachers on how to creatively teach through specific Bible books. Listen every other week for a new episode with Nancy. 


      • In Churches Planting Churches, a podcast produced by Acts 29 in partnership with The Gospel Coalition, Tony Merida talks with various church planters, pastors, theologians, and innovators as they share stories and insights to help you serve Christ’s church more faithfully and effectively. 


The search bar is a spiritual battleground, and podcasts are no exception. People are searching for resources on crucial questions. In the coming months we’re excited to roll out several new podcasts for pastors, church leaders, and anyone else searching for hope.

If you’d like to help us continue to offer hope for the searching, please consider supporting TGC as we seek to gain ground for gospel truth online, for the souls of the searchers and the glory of God.