With Mother’s Day fast approaching on May 10, and knowing that it can be difficult to go out shopping, we put together a special book bundle—books to encourage and strengthen mothers in God’s unchanging Word. What but this pandemic could make us more thankful for mothers? And when could they ever need more sustaining grace through trusted biblical guides? 

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Melissa Kruger, ed., Identity Theft: Reclaiming the Truth of Who We Are in Christ (The Gospel Coalition)

Who am I? It’s a question we all ask ourselves at some point. Depending on the season we focus our identity on our job performance, marital status, personality type, or social network, among other options. However, there’s a larger question to consider. Who does the Bible tell me I am in Christ?

From the wisdom and perspective of insightful authors—including Jen Wilkin, Hannah Anderson, Trillia Newbell, and Jen Pollock Michel—we’ll seek to answer this question.

Jen Wilkin, None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That’s a Good Thing) (Crossway)

Human beings were created to reflect the image of God—but only to a limited extent. Although we share important attributes with God (love, mercy, compassion, and so on), there are other qualities that only God possesses, such as unlimited power, knowledge, and authority. At the root of all sin is our rebellious desire to be like God in such ways—a desire that first manifested itself in the garden of Eden. In None Like Him, Jen Wilkin leads us on a journey to discover ten ways God is different from us—and why that’s a good thing. In the process, she highlights the joy of seeing our limited selves in relation to a limitless God, and how such a realization frees us from striving to be more than we were created to be.

Alistair Begg, Parenting God’s Way (10Publishing)

With parents running children from football to music lessons to maths tutoring, where does the responsibility of God-ordained parenting fit in?

In this wisdom-packed booklet, Alistair Begg explains that Scripture lays out a role for parents that extends far beyond that of carpool driver and homework helper.

Drawing from the book of Ephesians, Begg provides clear and practical accountabilities for both mothers and fathers that are God ordained. When God’s design for parenting is followed, everyone in the family thrives, and children grow to healthy-minded, God-honoring adults.

ESV Scripture Journal (Three Pack) (Crossway)

The ESV Scripture Journal was created for those looking for a place to capture prayers, reflections on life, thoughts on God’s Word, and more. Available in three different themes (love, joy, and peace), each journal features lined pages interspersed with related Bible verses from the ESV. These high-quality journals have thick, cream-colored paper and beautiful covers, and are compact enough to fit easily inside a handbag or backpack. The perfect gift for family members or close friends, the ESV Scripture Journal offers generous space for prompting sustained meditation on the things that matter most.

Timothy Keller et al., The New City Catechism Devotional: God’s Truth for Our Hearts and Minds (Crossway)

In centuries past, the church has used catechisms to teach foundational Christian doctrines. Today, this communal practice of learning basic beliefs via questions and answers has largely been lost. Seeking to restore this ancient method of teaching to the regular life of the church, The New City Catechism Devotional is a gospel–centered, modern–day resource that not only summarizes important Christian beliefs through 52 questions and answers but also helps readers meditate on and be transformed by those doctrines.

Each question features devotional commentary written by leading contemporary and historical figures such as John Piper, Timothy Keller, Kevin DeYoung, Don Carson, Alistair Begg, Mark Dever, Augustine, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, Martin Luther, and many others. Each question also includes a relevant Scripture reading and short prayer.

Designed for use in a variety of contexts, including with families, churches, and small groups, The New City Catechism Devotional stands as a valuable resource for helping adults and children alike learn the key doctrines that stand at the heart of the Christian faith.