Lessons We Learned in a Turbulent Year

TGC Editors Debrief 2016
Lessons We Learned in a Turbulent Year

TGC editors Collin Hansen, Bethany Jenkins, Jason Cook, Joe Carter, and Matt Smethurst debrief 2016

For today’s podcast, we did something a little different. I talked with four TGC editors about their jobs and what they’ve learned in 2016. I hope these conversations will give you better insight both into our editorial processes and into us as fallible people who nonetheless seek to be faithful, with God’s help. 

The Gospel Coalition has no central office, so our editorial staff is spread around the country. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, and I talked via Skype first with Bethany Jenkins, director of TGC’s Every Square Inch, in New York City. After that I spoke with one of our newest editors, Jason Cook, a pastor in Memphis. Joe Carter talked with me from his home in Virginia about the 2016 election, and I talked with Matt Smethurst in Louisville about one of our most controversial articles from 2016.

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