We’re excited to share with you how one church is partnering with us in a creative way. We hope it will inspire other churches to adopt a TGC-IO Relief Project as part of their global missions strategy. Contact us if you are interested in this type of partnership. (Bill Walsh)

Christmas is far and away the most commercialized holiday. According to Advent Conspiracy, each year Americans spend over $400 billion on purchases for themselves and others. While exchanging gifts is a very appropriate way to celebrate the incarnation of Jesus, it is often wrongly reduced to buying a tie or a gift card for someone so that we can check them off our list, rather than expend time and effort to give a gift that actually communicates caring and intentionality.

The purpose of the Advent Conspiracy is to encourage the church to worship Jesus at Christmas time rather than materialism, and to give meaningful, relationship-building gifts to those we care about. In the process, the money we save on sweaters and socks can be donated to meet tangible needs of people around the world in the name of Jesus.

Rock Hill Church has partnered with a local church in a different region of India for past Advent Conspiracy projects. As different projects were discussed for this year, the fact that so many pastors and churches around the world are under-resourced and ill-equipped in theology, as well as hearing more about the lack of access to theological resources, stirred in us a desire to explore more possibilities through The Gospel Coalition International Outreach.

This year we’re excited to partner with TGC in translating The Gospel As Center into Oryia, to provide a theological resource for pastors and elders in India who currently have little or no formal training. The gospel is the good news about who God is and what Jesus has done. What could be of greater importance than to rightly understand the gospel and how the good news of Jesus is our only hope in life and death? As a church we long to see other churches around the world equipped in greater gospel fluency.

Thinking about the many church leaders in eastern India who will read this book in their own language, grow in grace and the knowledge of God, and be better equipped to proclaim the good news of Jesus and minister to His people, brings us great joy as a local church here in Duluth.