Help Me Teach the Bible: Liam Goligher on Isaiah (Part Two)

In this second of a two-part episode of Help Me Teach the Bible (listen to Part 1 here, which covers Isaiah 1–39), I talk to Liam Goligher, senior minister at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, where he has been preaching through the book of Isaiah. Part 2 of this conversation covers Isaiah 40–66. In it, Liam discusses:

  • key terms in Isaiah, including “Behold!,” “The Holy One of Israel,” “Mount Zion,” and “My Servant”
  • the prophecies not yet fulfilled
  • reading Isaiah 53 in the context of the book
  • glory revealed
  • the hope of justice being done

Here are some audio resources you may find helpful in preparing to teach Isaiah:

For further study, here are some books you may find helpful, including titles from Crossway, sponsor of Help Me Teach the Bible:

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