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In the Bible, the best of times often coincide with the worst of times. Consider the Book of Ruth. This beautiful story reveals the remarkable lineage of King David and ultimately Jesus Christ himself. God redeems one woman’s grief in his centuries-long plan of salvation for Israel and the nations. It all takes place in the time of the Judges, when despair and decline afflicted Israel. Even as Israel rejected God as their king and did what was right in their own eyes, he prepared for them a line of kings that would culminate with God himself incarnate, Jesus Christ. 

Looking back on 2015 I see more reasons than ever to hope in God. I see marriages planned, and children born; marriages restored, and children grown. I see the church shine as a beacon of joy and peace. I see the wisdom of the ages rescue the humble from the folly of self. Never could I imagine such an encouraging time for believers in Jesus. Of course that’s not the whole picture. Browse our site and you’ll see plenty of evidence from the world of despair and decline. Our writers and editors wade through countless articles and posts each year that tempt us to believe God has given our world over to sin. It’s vital, then, that we look at the world through the lens of God’s Word, which is realistic about our condition and sanguine about our prospects.

As explained in The Gospel Coalition’s foundation documents, we pray that God would work in and through us “to renew the contemporary church in the ancient gospel of Christ so that we truly speak and live for him in a way that clearly communicates to our age.” In that spirit I’ve compiled a list of my favorite 2015 resources. Please join me in giving thanks to God for how he always provides for us in a timely fashion with timeless wisdom—to make the worst of times the best of times.


There’s Nothing More Relaxing than Humility

By Bethany Jenkins

This article opens with confession and closes with direction. In the middle you’ll learn the secret to happiness. 

David Brooks Charts the Road to Character

By Collin Hansen

No other high-profile columnist displays such a wide range of interests and expertise. This audio interview on his bestselling new book is full of countercultural wisdom. For another encouraging interview, listen to World Series champion and new Chicago Cubs second baseman Ben Zobrist.

Why the Prosperity Gospel Is the Worst Pyramid Scheme Ever

By Nicholas McDonald

If you can’t convince people that the prosperity gospel is an offense to God and an abuse of his Word, perhaps you can show them how such foolishness benefits only a privileged few.

A Thousand Sorrows Teaches a Man to Preach

By Don Carson, Tim Keller, and John Piper

What started as a tweet by John Piper developed into this insightful video that explains why we appreciate hearing from seasoned ministers.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Future

By Russell Moore

God has raised up the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission for such a time as this. If the gospel isn’t for dark days, then what do we think it is? 

My Father Killed My Mother

By Joel Lindsey

This is not a feel-good story with a a happy ending. But it does tell you where to find Jesus in the most difficult circumstances.

How to Survive World Religions 101

By Michael Kruger

Check your expectations. Prepare for opposition. Dig for answers. Anchor yourself in the local church.

One Day He Appeared: My TGC Love Story

By Betsy Childs Howard

Your life could change in the blink of an eye. Theirs did.

3 Things Not to Do After You Preach

By Dave Harvey

Sometimes the Lord sends the exact right article at the exact right time. He did for me with this one.

Mizzou and a More Excellent Way

By Isaac Adams

How would you react in this author’s situation? The gospel shows a way out of the cycle of hostility and retaliation.

Revisiting ‘Faithful Presence’: To Change the World Five Years Later

By Collin Hansen 

An all-star cast of writers on theology and culture joined me for this assessment of one of the most important books of the last decade.


By Nancy Guthrie

Jesus was crushed for our iniquities, even those committed by mothers who allow their own children to be crushed. For a story about God’s goodness in an unexpected pregnancy, see “When the Wages of Sin Is a Grandbaby” by Kim Ransleben.

There Is No Crown Without a Cross for Your Kids

By Cameron Cole

Whatever you might do to protect your children, a painful road awaits them. Can you trust God to guide them as he has done for you? Get more of the compelling story from Cameron Cole in “The Hard Truths Prepare Kids for Suffering.”

3 Female Ghosts that Haunt the Church

By Jen Wilkin

Don’t let fear of the Temptress, the Usurper, or the Child lead you to neglect ministry among and alongside women. For encouragement to persevere, read Alyssa Poblete’s “3 Reasons Women Need Good Theology.”

The Gospel Near the Top of the World

by Dan Olson

Look at some of the remarkable things God is doing at 4,600 feet above sea level.

A Glimpse into Theological Famine Relief in Nepal from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

Autumn: Dying Beautifully

By Joseph Rhea

As we settle into the doldrums of winter, remember: “Death has no sting; winter has no bite.” Enjoy these words worthy of such a beautiful season.

9 Things Adult Daughters Want Their Mothers to Know

By Gaye Clark and Anna Clark

Every mother wants to be friends with her adult daughter. But it’s not so easy to make the transition.

Review: Changing Our Mind

By George H. Guthrie

You don’t often read this line about a book: “It points to my failure to live out the gospel as effectively as I could have before my friend.” But not every review is written from friend to friend across the great dividing line of our times.