Lying awake one night recently I came to a discouraging realization. No matter how long I live, I’ll never have enough time to read everything I’d like. I became frustrated thinking about the classics I’ll never read, the places I’ll never understand, the history I’ll never know.

I don’t want to waste whatever time I have left on earth. Reading has been an indispensable means of God in my spiritual development. So I need friends, I need role models to help me choose my next book wisely. I can still remember the pastor who told me where to start my reading about Martin Luther. I remember the friends who knew I would like to visit Port William. I remember wondering why I waited so long to read the most famous novel about the state I call home. Now almost nothing gives me more satisfaction than to share book recommendations with others. 

Earlier this year The Gospel Coalition partnered with a group called Hubworthy so our leaders could recommend to you our favorite and most formative books. On our virtual book shelves you’ll find out the studies that have shaped Tim Keller’s thinking and preaching, the works that sustain Gloria Furman’s writing and evangelism, and the novels and biographies that move Russell Moore to joy and laughter. You’ll see much more from our staff and leaders such as Matt Chandler, Trevin Wax, Melissa Kruger, Trillia Newbell, and Jared Wilson on The Gospel Coalition’s Hubworthy page. As you read why we regard these books as essential you’ll also pick up some movie and music recommendations. 

When you browse each resource you’ll see whether others in our community like it and why. Hubworthy makes it simple for you and your church or ministry to likewise set up individual and group bookshelves. You can easily upload books you recommend in a sermon, link to guides for one-on-one discipleship, and generally help other believers know what God has used to form you. All the while your ministry will raise money through your personal bookshelf. Hubworthy has offered a special discount code for The Gospel Coalition community to get 20 percent off your first 12 months, whether you pay monthly or yearly. Just enter the code TGC20 at the end of the sign-up process.

You don’t have all the time in the world. So don’t waste it on bad books.