CT Profile: Francis Chan

Some of you may have already read the profile of Francis Chan in the current issue of Christianity Today magazine. For those that haven’t, John Brandon’s “Crazy Passion” is now online.

Here’s one section I found particularly interesting (and, in some ways, refreshing):

Despite what is clearly a flourishing ministry, Chan remains an anomaly. He lives in a tract house in one of Simi Valley’s down-and-out suburbs with his wife and four children. He rides a 1995 Honda Elite scooter to work. An avid surfer, he emits a laid-back Californian coolness.

According to one comment he made in a sermon, Chan gives away about 90 percent of his income (though his church administrator preferred the phrase “most of his income”). Chan doesn’t take a salary from his church, and his book royalties, which total about $500,000, mostly go to organizations like International Justice Mission, which rescues sex slaves in foreign countries. The Chans often open their home to families who need a place to stay. One of Cornerstone’s community pastors, Bill Lucas, lived with Chan for nine months, and says he “lives out what he says.”

In an age that is cynical about religious leaders, the Chans’ lifestyle no doubt helps to explain why the pastor has attracted so many listeners and readers. There is also his restlessness to bring others to a relationship with Christ, even if it means starting all over again.

Read the whole thing. And let us know what you think of Cornerstone’s efforts to plant “gatherings.” What are some of the potential strengths and weaknesses to this aspect of their ecclesiology?