Carson’s For the Love of God Blog

What is it?

For the Love of God is a daily devotional designed to walk a person through the Bible in a year while assisting the reader in discovering the riches of God’s Word. Originally published by Crossway Books (volume 1 in 1998 and volume 2 in 1999), this “blog” is really not a blog at all, but a free digital version of the devotional provided by TGC and Crossway. Our hope is that this daily devotional will deepen your understanding and appreciation of God’s Word—for the love of God.

These books are valuable not only for encouraging systematic Bible reading but for teaching people to understand how individual passages fit in the Bible’s storyline. And some preachers (e.g., Mark Dever) regularly reference them as a whole-Bible commentary.

We posted Carson’s daily devotionals from volume 1 in 2010, and we plan to post his daily devotionals from volume 2 each day in 2011.

We also host free PDFs of both volume 1 and volume 2.

Please pray for Don Carson as he currently writes volumes 3 and 4.