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A Call for Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Chinese Translators

Whether you’re a barista from New York City, or a pastor from Santo Domingo, or a student from Beijing—and you’re fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, or Chinese—we invite you to join us for an exciting opportunity.

There is a rapidly growing demand for translated gospel-centered content. So much so, in fact, that the needs often come looking for us. We receive many e-mails like this:

Dear TGC,

My name is _________. I have a group of friends who don’t speak English, but are hungry for solid gospel-centered content. We have a group that gathers to study the Bible. I am writing to ask permission to translate _________ article or _________ sermon so that they can study the material.

To address this growing global need, we’ve formed volunteer teams to translate content into Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Chinese. If you are fluent in one of these four languages and want to join our team, please fill out this form.

Translators have the joy of helping us spread content that has a multiplying effect. And while our materials are consumed by thousands of people, we have so much just waiting to be translated. Please consider serving with us to bless the global church!