Deepak Reju, pastor of biblical of counseling at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, faces a wide swath counseling of challenges in a church with about a thousand attending every Sunday. Pornography is the most common struggle among congregants. The most sobering and urgent cases, he says, involve counseling the suicidal.

Reju sat down in Louisville with TGC’s Mark Mellinger and talked about a number of issues concerning pastors and counseling in the local church. Mellinger asks Reju to advise preaching pastors at smaller churches how they can grow in their counseling and disciple-making. The most pointed discussion comes when Mellinger asks Reju, “What works for the suicidal? What can you do?” Among a number of other insightful observations, Reju advocates “lending faith” to those who can’t look up to see the glories of God and his gospel. I’ll let Reju explain it fully.