Applying Scripture to Your Work

Most people don’t work in places where public prayer is encouraged. They don’t open their business meetings by reading Scripture. But that doesn’t mean prayer and Scripture can’t be applied to our work. “Over the years,” says Lourine Clark, an executive and leader coach based in New York City, “I’ve learned that God’s truth is truth, and it applies everywhere.”

Several years ago, Clark was working with an executive who was on the short list to become the next CEO of his company. While she was preparing his feedback report, she started daydreaming. If I do my job right and give him good feedback, this guy will be the next CEO and I’ll be the power behind the throne. “It was disgusting,” she recalls.

She tried to work on the report, but had ‘writer’s block’ for three days. Finally, she took a break to listen to a sermon that cited Jeremiah’s message to Baruch, a servant of the king: “Do you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not” (Jer. 45:4). Immediately, her heart was pierced. “The Lord was saying to me, ‘Stop this. This is all about you. This is my hand against you. Repent. You are seeking your own glory. Seek it not.’”

“This is an example of what the living God can do with us,” she says, “if we’re open to letting him cross our wills and expose the motives of our hearts.” In less than two hours, with the Lord’s favor, she finished the report.

Watch the full 21-minute video to hear David Kim, Executive Director of the Center for Faith & Work at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, talk with Clark about other ways she applies Scripture to her work and how she integrates prayer as a habit in her daily life. This was filmed at the 2013 CFW Conference in New York City.

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