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Editors’ note: 

TGC’s Ordinary Pastors Project seeks to find wisdom and honor in faithfulness, demonstrated in varied contexts. Learn more from the introduction by Matt B. Redmond. If you’d like to honor and encourage the ordinary pastor who shaped you, tell us about him in about 500 words and include a photo, or record a video testimonial of five minutes or less and send the link to [email protected]. This submission comes from Lawrence E. Bray.

I was saved by God when I was about 21 years old, back in 1992. Up until that time I was a devout atheist. When I was first saved God gave me a thirst for his word, the Bible. But it was not until years later, 2000 to be exact, that I came to a church whose pastor would give me something more.

Before I came to Reformed Presbyterian Church of Boothwyn, Pennsylvania (RPCB), the church where Dwight Dunn pastored, I was spiritually fed by televangelists and loose-teaching local churches. When I came to RPCB I discovered a depth of Scripture and an immensity of God that I had never known. As Pastor Dwight faithfully preached week after week I saw the Christian faith and life like never before. Though I had been saved for some time, it was not until Pastor Dwight came into my life that I was really set on fire for Christ and his Kingdom.

God used Pastor Dwight in my life, as I’m sure he has used him in the lives of others, to give me strong roots in Christ, a foundation based on Scripture as illuminated by the Holy Spirit. God used Pastor Dwight as a powerful tool to shape me more into what a Christian is called to be—Christ-like. In his humility and patience he has set a wonderful example for me. In his learning and teaching he has brought many things to light in my life that would have remained hidden without him.

I can honestly say that some of the ministries I’m involved in today, such as the North American Reformed Seminary, would not exist if it were not for how God used Pastor Dwight to affect my life. And now that my roots in Christ have been strengthened, God continues to use Pastor Dwight to grow me in so many areas of my Christian walk. Though I have a great love for learning from the old Puritans and from some modern preachers, I would trade them all for the continued work of my pastor in my life.