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A Neglected Tool in Modern Reformation

The Story: “As goes the home, so goes the church, and so goes the nation,” says Joel R. Beeke, president and professor of systematic theology, church history, and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. “Therefore it is of vital importance to us that we, the ministers of the Word, promote family worship in our congregations.” Beeke is one of several leaders on board the initiative called Family Worship Month, an inter-denominational movement to restore the historical practice of family worship.

The Background: An annual call each January to pastors, fathers, and mothers, Family Worship Month culminates in Family Worship Sunday on January 29, 2012. According to the group, this Sunday pastors from around the world will call their congregations and their own households to spend time together in prayer and reading God’s Word.

Why It Matters:: “The father of the family—-and in his absence, the mother—-has the responsibility from God to provide spiritual leadership for his household,” says Donald Whitney, associate professor of biblical spirituality at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“While it isn’t the only way, the simplest method of applying all these texts in a steady, practical way is through daily family worship. This is how generations of Christians have understood them,” Whitney told TGC. “Both Baptists and Presbyterians in the 1600s saw this biblical teaching, and incorporated identical language about the expectation of family worship into the most influential confessional statements in their respective histories. To this day, many churches still maintain (at least officially) that, ‘God is to be worshiped everywhere in spirit and truth; as in private families daily.’”

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