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The Gospel Coalition is excited to launch an updated version of our online church directory, which includes more than 4,500 churches, representing 67 countries. We have some new features that we hope will help you as you search for a church, add your church to the directory, or edit an existing church listing.

Here are five things you can do on the updated church directory:

1. Add your church. We invite you to add your church to our online church directory so that individuals in your area can find your church. The one requirement is that your church agrees in full with TGC’s Foundation Documents. If you affirm these documents, please feel free to add your church.

2. Search for a church. Visit the church directory to find a church in your geographical area. Whether you’ve moved to a new area or are just looking for a new church, we hope this will serve you well in your search for a gospel-believing church body. You can search by church name, city, state, or country.

3. Maintain your existing church listing. Is your church currently listed on the church directory, but in need of an updated address, pastor’s name, or social media link? If you are a representative of the church, you can claim your church’s listing to edit and maintain the details.

4. Report a church that doesn’t align with TGC’s Foundation Documents. If you find a church that doesn’t seem to be in alignment with TGC, we ask that you’d let us know. You can do so by clicking the “Report” link next to each listing. We value your input since TGC is not able to personally review each church in the directory.

5. Pray for the church. Please join us in praying that this church directory would be a catalyst for many people to find and join a local gospel-believing church.