T. J. Hanken and his family lived in Guatemala for three years while he served as a teacher and chaplain for the Christian Academy of Guatemala, which is primarily a school for missionary children. While there, he observed a great need for Bibles and biblical study materials.

“The churches simply had nothing. Some had one Sunday School book they used over and over. Rural pastors often had tattered Bibles,” Hanken says.

Because of the vast need, Hanken founded Resourcing Now in 2011 with the mission to train pastors and seminary students by providing discipleship and evangelism materials. The ministry works with a large network of missionaries, national workers, pastors and churches to promote and fulfill the need for Bibles and Christian books throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Most of the resources are unused but dated items that come from churches across the U.S.—pew Bibles, tracts, Sunday-school curriculum, and more. From the ministry’s main warehouse in Guatemala City, they’ve distributed over 280 tons of resources.

Resourcing Now also partners with TGC International Outreach (IO), which provides free resources to equip church leaders in the Global South or other areas in need. During a recent trip to the Dominican Republic (DR), Hanken brought three cases of an IO-funded book. Robert Plummer’s 40 Questions about Interpreting the Bible made a profound impact on recipients. “Of all the books except the Bible it was the most well received—with great enthusiasm,” he said.

Pastor Gustavo Bueno with the Brethren Church in DR was beyond grateful for this resource, which he says will be used as textbooks in their seminary, adding, “we have more than 150 students that are going to benefit from this book.”

Resourcing Now is just one of many organizations that serve as a link between under-resourced church leaders and TGC IO’s mission to provide them with needed theological support.