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How to Be Culturally Intelligent in a Fractured Age

We live in an increasingly fractured world, and only now does the church seem to realize that the era of public discourse around a common set of assumptions is over.

In his new book, Preaching with Cultural Intelligence: Understanding the People Who Hear Our Sermons, Matthew Kim, associate professor of preaching and ministry at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, wants to help pastors preach in this context.

Assess the Argument

In the first part, Kim explains cultural quotient theory, and he offers a four-stage process that addresses preaching to cultural variables within our contexts. He concludes with an excellent overview of how preachers exegete themselves. Part two contains a call to assess a culture’s beliefs, rituals, idols, dreams, god, and experiences (B.R.I.D.G.E.). It’s excellent.

So far so good. But Kim’s…


How to Be Culturally Intelligent in a Fractured Age

A sermon’s ultimate aim is to showcase Christ. Period.

Loving Our Communities Like the Amish Do

The Amish don’t have all the answers, but they have some fundamental ones. We should listen.

Yet Another Option: The Pietist Option

Doctrine and practice should reinforce each other, lest we slide into mere doctrinal boundary-maintenance or a vaguely Christian ethic.

Start Being So Emotional

I hoped this book would recognize the complexity of emotions, even painful ones. My hopes were not in vain.