‘The Slugs and Bugs Show’ Is Quality Entertainment for Children

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Menopause and Hope Deferred

When the symptoms of perimenopause began in my mid-40s, I researched the impending change to my body. I pored over articles and blog posts. I listened intently at gatherings of women as friends and coworkers talked of their menopausal experiences. The information, whether secular or Christian, generally fell into two camps. One group celebrated the end of monthly periods and the sexual freedom that came from no longer having to fear unplanned pregnancy. The other group grieved their perceived loss of femininity and their emptying…
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For Childhood Fears, Bible Memory Is Not Enough

One night when I was about 7, I was convinced there were snakes in my bed. Mom! Dad! Snakes! Help! I yelled. When they appeared, they started to pull back the covers, which I knew would reveal the terrifying creatures lurking near my feet. But with the light on and the covers removed, I could see what was there. To my relief, there wasn’t a snake in sight. My parents could have…

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Religious Liberty Is Originally a Christian Idea

Joe Carter reviews, in the words of Albert Mohler, “the most important book on religious liberty to appear in

Will Gen Z Hold On to the Faith?

The bottom line is that teens today must be discipled differently than they have been in the past.

Why (More Than Ever Before) You Need to Read Deeply

What can feel like “staying on top of things” is really nothing but distraction from the best of things.

Christians Need a Better Story Than Liberalism

If we’re to survive and thrive amid this unraveling, Christians must re-embrace an older and better story.