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The Goldilocks Principle and Church Size

The Story: A new study finds that many American churches are plateaued or declining in attendance. But can we understand growth and decline if we don’t know what size a church should be? The Background: A new study from Exponential by LifeWay Research found 6 in 10 Protestant churches are plateaued or declining in attendance and more than half saw fewer than 10 people become new Christians in the past 12 months. According to the study, most congregations have fewer than 100 people attending services…
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May SSA Christians Have Non-Sexual Romantic Relationships?

When it comes to same-sex relationships and the church, I’ve heard more and more people propose some sort of committed, same-sex, non-sexual romantic friendships for those who want to uphold the Christian sexual ethic. This, they say, avoids the supposed loneliness of singleness while upholding biblical standards of sexual behavior. Friendship versus Marriage The trouble with this kind of suggestion is it assumes sex is the only thing that separates marriage from…

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Jesus Did Not Pray Just to Set an Example

If even Jesus needed to pray, what does that say of us, his younger, non-divine siblings? How arrogant must

We All Live in Marx’s World Now

Bandying terms like “cultural Marxist” and “racist” simply as a way of avoiding real argument is shameful and should

Let Waiting Grow You

We wait for very little, so we get vexed if we have to wait for anything.

When Atheism Is Intellectually Weak

We evangelicals have too often conceded the intellectual high-ground to atheists.