1,000,000 & ONE

by Bill Walsh
Director of TGC International Outreach

What does Theological Famine Relief look like? 

Uganda’s story and people have been gravely affected by the numerous civil wars which have taken place since its independence from British rule.

The church in this region, in a few words, could be called “a crying church” because, although the church has been birthed here, she desperately needs people to come and teach her and strengthen her to reach out in ministry…  

I have used the resources I have received to reach people in schools, market places, hospitals and in discipling new converts with wonderful impact as they are growing and standing in the truth.  I hope to see still greater impact because most people call back or come to us to have further explanation. This has given us a great chance to share the gospel more fully.  –Pastor Andama, Uganda

Could ONE book make a difference?

No matter the continent, the problem remains the same: millions of pastors in Asia, Africa and South America are trying to lead churches without proper training, and often with very few biblical resources. In many regions of the world, solid books are non-existent or financially out of reach. This is what we mean by Theological Famine.

ONE gospel-centered book in the hands of ONE pastor can provide relief for an entire local congregation. 

This is our mission.

We partner with translators, publishers, and missions networks to provide new access to biblical resources in strategic languages via digital and physical formats. Our goal is to strengthen thousands of congregations by helping equip the pastors and leaders called to shepherd them. After almost ten years of ministry, we are on track to reach a half million theological resources funded and distributed to 130 countries. This is great reason to celebrate and give thanks!

We thank God for our partners who have worked alongside us these past ten years. Their support and collaboration has helped sustain Theological Famine Relief to thousands around the world. Now, our sights are set on 1,000,000 & ONE

We have two goals in mind, one quantitative and one personal:

1,000,000 resources is our aggressive goal to double our impact by the end of 2020. 
ONE represents our core value that each pastor we help to equip with even one book is important and each has great potential to impact souls with the gospel.

You can help us reach 1,000,000 & ONE resources in three ways:

●    Donate to Relief Projects.
●    Deliver resources overseas.
●    Become a Friend of TGC.

Would you prayerfully consider joining with us to reach 1,000,000 & ONE resources in the cause of Theological Famine Relief by 2020?

By the grace of God, together we will equip our Ugandan brother and thousands more like him. 

Bill Walsh is director of International Outreach for The Gospel Coalition. He worked for Desiring God Ministries for 13 years. Starting in 2006, he and a small team built a global network of partners for the cause of Theological Famine Relief for the Global Church. This initiative joined TGC in 2012. He lives with his wife, Cindi, in Minneapolis and has two adult children, Beau and Regan. Bill photoblogs at You can follow him on Twitter.