Gospel Growth in North Myanmar

Their resources are few, but hope is rising among these pastors despite their ongoing oppression as Christians under a Buddhist-dominated dictatorship.

What Africa Needs More Than Food Aid or Democracy

The prosperity Africa needs most is not offered by the American dream.

Hope for Uganda’s West Nile Region

Uganda has high church attendance and religious freedom except for the Muslim-dominated northwest.

The Gospel Near the Top of the World

The gospel flame ignited at Pentecost is now burning bright near the top of the world in Nepal.

Gospel Light in Honduras

Honduras, rampant with drug-running and murder, presents a formidable challenge for gospel ministers.

Resources for Bengali Believers

Nearly 215 million people speak Bengali, but precious few theology and discipleship books have been translated into the language.

Give Them Good Books

Imagine what it must be like for those who have never been taught gospel truths and long to find a sound source of instruction for their souls.

The Opportunity of One Million Bibles for Argentina

“Many new Christians, good and faithful ones, have difficulties explaining the gospel with clarity,” Ruben says. “What is the gospel?"

The Southeast Asia Reformed Network Has Only Just Begun

It started with a question on Facebook: “Are there any Reformed conferences in English that are in the Northern/Southeast Asia region?”

TGC International Outreach 2014 Annual Report

TGC International Outreach annual report for Theological Famine Relief for the Global Church (2014).

The Privilege of Persecution in Northern India

Unexpectedly called into the pastorate in 2008, Mohan began his ministry with little experience or training and no theological framework for suffering. The Christian community surrounding him was more influenced by prosperity preaching than by faithful biblical exposition.

Dispatches from Nepal

'The gospel is going out; the church in Nepal is on the move!'

Brighter Hopes for Cambodia

The Cambodian genocide nearly wiped out Christianity when the Khmer Rouge, in their desire to obliterate anything having to do with urban society, executed anyone with religious affinities. Of an estimated 10,000 Christians in 1974, only a few hundred remained.

Missions Doesn’t Stop When a Group Has Been Reached

The background developed through generations of being steeped in pagan worldviews and false religions does not evaporate on praying a prayer of salvation.

6,400 Books for Theological Famine Relief

News, stories, and the latest free Packing Hope resources from TGC International Outreach.

Study Bibles for Cameroon and the Global South

In Yaounde, Cameroon with around two million people, there might be one poorly-stocked Christian bookstore. In late 2013 Andrew was “overjoyed” to receive two Packing Hope cases that contained a total of 32 Global Study Bibles.

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