Partner with us financially to expand impact…

In the cause of global Theological Famine Relief, we believe that TGC International Outreach is a strategic ministry called to come alongside the Church to provide web content, books, and other teaching resources that most churches and agencies cannot produce or procure. When it comes to missions, most people think in terms of sending and supporting workers, which of course is a vital means of spreading the gospel. But we believe that supplying rich, biblical content is also of critical importance. 

Our 3 Support Goals

1. First 100 Partners - COMPLETE

In 2013, we asked the wider TGC network to consider becoming part of our first 100 financial partners by pledging a recurring gift of any amount. Many graciously answered, and this goal was reached in the first quarter of 2014. We thank God for these friends and churches that came alongside us. This enabled us to reach roughly $100,000 in annual support.  Thank you!

2. Second $100,000 in Annual Support

For the current stage of our growth, we have set a goal of $200,000 total in annual funding. This is double our current level as of mid-2014. Your monthly gift of any amount is welcome as we move towards this goal. Yes, gifts of $25 per month to make a difference!

3. 40 Partnering Churches

We are asking the Lord for 40 churches from anywhere in the world, to share in the burden of Theological Famine Relief by supporting this cause through their international missions giving. We hope to collaborate with missions-minded church partners through financial support, providing free resources for your fields, and through sharing international networks. 
Contact us by email to start inquire.

Ways to Give

  • For giving by credit card, please use our online giving page.
  • For giving by bank transfer or bill pay, contact us by email.
  • For giving by check, please mail to the following address and mark TGC-IO General:

The Gospel Coalition
2065 Half Day Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

Questions? Contact [email protected]