Theological Famine

Imagine that you are an indigenous pastor of a local church in South America trying to shepherd a small congregation, with little to no access to formal education. Your understanding of the basic truths of the Bible is greatly lacking. You own only a few books and those are of questionable value. Internet access is not reliable. And yet, every week, you are responsible for feeding and leading your local church. You and your congregation are struggling to experience the life-changing power of the gospel.


This scenario describes millions in many countries. During the past century, the number of Christian believers worldwide has grown dramatically. You may not be aware that 75% of these now live on the continents of Africa, Asia, and South America. This is great cause for thanks, but the growth of the church has outpaced the supply of pastors and elders equipped to shepherd these followers. An estimated 85% of the 2.2 million evangelical churches worldwide are led by pastors with insufficient training.


TGC International Outreach is engaged in a mission of Theological Famine Relief for the Global Church. We are partnering with translators, publishers, and missions networks to provide new access to biblical resources in digital and physical formats. Our goal is to strengthen thousands of congregations by helping to equip the pastors and elders called to shepherd them.

We want to see pastors in the Global South receive access to good theological content through our resources which are distributed in the context of our partners working in the field, whether expatriate or indigenous, providing training and mentoring. We hope church leaders will be personally impacted by the power of the gospel and, in turn, shepherd their congregations well—resulting in widespread gospel renewal, all for the praise of His glorious grace. 


1. Donate

Help us create resources….

We are initiating Relief Projects by working with translators, publishers, and printers here in North America, as well as overseas. Through your generous gifts, our goal is to create, translate, and print great theological resources to strengthen church leaders in the Global South. These projects are crafted from our relationships with U.S. and foreign publishers and our partners working in the field. We want to provide the right resources, in the right languages, to the right partners, so that church leaders in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, as well as Europe, will be strengthened and equipped for ministry. 

2 Ways to Donate

  • Choose from current Relief Projects and use our online giving page to help us reach 100% funding. Gifts of any amount our welcome.
  • If you or your church have a burden for a particular language or region of the world, we can often craft a special project that you can adopt and even help us with distribution. Email us

2. Deliver

Help us send resources (they’re free)…

When is your next overseas cross-cultural trip? Packing Hope is your opportunity to obtain theological resources to enhance your mission in the field. Whether you’re traveling for missions, business, or even vacation, you can help us serve the global church. We donate relief resources in various languages for your short and long-term work. We'll send you full cases of books to check as luggage for your overseas flights. Place an online order for resources to be shipped within the U.S. to your location of departure. 

3. Translate

Help us spread via other languages…

The Internet is still unworkable for many in the Global South, but access is increasing all the time. In this effort to equip church leaders, biblical resources are needed in both physical and digital formats. TGC is working to deploy a multi-language web platform that will collect and spread the best resources in languages from around the world. We are gathering a worldwide network of translators. This initiative will allow us to expand our online efforts to create translated biblical teaching from trustworthy reformed theological content in manuscript, video, audio, and apps formats. 

Your financial support will help us provide a website with high usability and mobile readiness, deploying a strong indexing feature to enhance searches by topic, author, scripture, and language. You can also help us by connecting with skilled volunteer translators and by strategically spreading the word about these resources to church leaders in need of access in other languages. Contact us.

4. Network

Connect with likeminded ministry partners…

The Gospel Coalition is a network of networks. We are bringing together leaders that agree on gospel-centered ministry. We believe that in cooperating and pooling our resources we are able to accomplish things not possible on our own. We also believe these partnerships are providing a healthy element of unity, encouragement, and accountability.

We are working to learn alongside and partner with trusted networks around the world. It’s our desire to encourage and support efforts to build like-minded coalitions and events. Together we can reach further and more effectively.

Here are some ways you can connect:

  • Churches: sign up on the international church network page. 
  • Publishers and cross-cultural missions: contact us. 
  • Attend our annual events, one of the best ways to meet like-minded people and ministries.
  • Watch our international networks page for ministries and networks emerging in your part of the world. (Coming…)

5. Support

Partner with us financially to expand impact…

In the cause of global Theological Famine Relief, we believe that TGC International Outreach is a strategic ministry called to come alongside the Church to provide web content, books, and other teaching resources that most churches and agencies cannot produce or procure. When it comes to missions, most people think in terms of sending and supporting workers, which of course is a vital means of spreading the gospel. But we believe that supplying rich, biblical content is also of critical importance.

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