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Burdened Preaching, Serious Gospel

Apr 24, 2015 | Ben Bailie

Why was Lloyd-Jones so serious in the pulpit? Because he preached under a burden from the Lord. Read More

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When Ministry Success Becomes an Idol

Apr 22, 2015 | Benjamin Vrbicek

Reading Christianity Today's '33 Under 33' gave me the opportunity to reflect on how easily ministry success can become an idol in my heart. Read More

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The Compelling Community

Apr 17, 2015 | Erik Raymond

Is community in your church a supernatural phenomenon or a merely natural one? God builds the church, and it looks quite different from anything we could build. Read More

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Martyn Lloyd-Jones: A Reading Guide

Apr 10, 2015 | Jeff Robinson

To know Lloyd-Jones is to read him. Read More

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5 Actions Churches Should Take in a Changing Legal Culture

Apr 09, 2015 | Christiana Holcomb

Churches that desire to maintain a faithful gospel witness need to take these actions to be prepared. Read More

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9 Things You Should Know About TGC

Apr 07, 2015 | Joe Carter

Whether a regular reader or first time visitor to the site, here are nine things you should know about TGC. Read More

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Dear Timothy: Embrace Your Weakness

Apr 07, 2015 | Jeff Robinson

Drawing the world using the world’s means gets you, well, the world. Read More

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The FAQs: Terrorist Attack in Kenya Targets Christians

Apr 03, 2015 | Joe Carter

An attack on a Garissa University College leaves 147 dead and more than 80 injured. Read More

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The Personal Side of Lloyd-Jones

Apr 03, 2015 | Jeff Robinson

Nothing would have made Lloyd-Jones happier than to be called a 20th-century Puritan. Read More

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Hope for Uganda’s West Nile Region

Apr 02, 2015 | Patti Richter

Uganda has high church attendance and religious freedom except for the Muslim-dominated northwest. Read More