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When ‘Sanctity of Life’ Includes the Right to Choose Death

May 25, 2015 | Jen Pollock Michel

When death itself can be considered as a medical benefit, the sky seems to be the unfortunate limit for patient autonomy. Read More

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5 Book Pairings for New College Graduates

May 22, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

My prayer for college graduates is that they come to behold and discern, dream and obey, work and rest, achieve and serve, and love and heal. Read More

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We Put People in Jobs They Love

May 20, 2015 | Trillia Newbell

I often marvel at how my work images God’s work of provision, compassion, and care. Even our company’s name reflects that purpose—Provisions Group. Read More

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Dear Graduates, A Glorious Commencement Awaits

May 15, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

In college, I was told that I'd be an agent of renewal in culture, but my day-to-day life doesn't look that way. It's not even close. Read More

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Life Embodied Is Life at Risk

May 14, 2015 | Robert Cutillo

When does a reasonable effort to reduce risk transform into a delusion that we can remove it altogether? Read More

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Helping Deaf Students to Flourish

May 13, 2015 | Jen Pollock Michel

Deaf people are capable of everything but hearing. They don't need to be fixed so much they need to be given the tools for flourishing. Read More

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Stephen Curry and the Culture of Self-Trust

May 13, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

In Christ, we’re not demoralized by failure or overly impressed by narrow ideas of success, like football tackles or MVP awards or prestigious scholarships and degrees. Read More

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From Complex Tax Situations to Completed Tax Returns

May 06, 2015 | Courtney Reissig

The biggest audit for me will happen when I stand before the Lord and give an account for my life. Read More

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Heavy Things Become Unexpected Gifts

Apr 29, 2015 | Jen Pollock Michel

As a freelance artist, author, and illustrator, I've been living in pursuit of creative dreams for five lean years. For this moment, God has given me a different type of resource: time. I’m entrusted with today and leave tomorrow to him. Read More

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Can Tax Law Have a Caring and Creative Side?

Apr 22, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

The ultimate brokenness of the world—our very mortality—is at the center of my work. All of us are going to die, and I help my clients plan for this certainty. Read More