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We Staff the Church

Jul 29, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

We want to see the kingdom expanding—not just in numbers, but in faithfulness, too. #TGCvocations Read More

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How TGC Judges Editorial Success

Jul 20, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

In 5 years, Collin Hansen has edited about 4,500 of articles, written a book, and become a father. Happy TGC anniversary, Collin! Read More

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This Job Influences the Future of Culture

Jul 15, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

Being a college career coach might just be one of the most strategic jobs a Christian can have. Here's why. Read More

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Fame, Family, and Failure in the Big Leagues

Jul 14, 2015 | Collin Hansen

Royals GM Dayton Moore reflects on Christian leadership amid the conflict and competition of professional sports. Read More

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From Liberal Judaism to Faith in Jesus

Jul 14, 2015 | Bernard N. Howard

My background is liberal Judaism. Today, I am a follower of Jesus. Read More

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Bruce Ashford on the Gospel and Every Square Inch

Jul 09, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

Although my parents taught me the gospel, I had no idea how to relate Christianity to other dimensions of culture that aren't 'religious' in an obvious way. Read More

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Preacher with a Skate Shoe Named After Him

Jul 08, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

Skateboarding was my release. But I was suicidal. I was lost. Then everything changed. Read More

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5 Ways to Help the “Least of These” in the Church

Jul 06, 2015 | Raleigh Sadler

As many as 36 million people are modern-day slaves, and some of them are sitting in our churches every week. How can local churches be safe havens? Read More

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One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America

Jul 03, 2015 | Paul Putz

This book offers a richly textured chronicle of a transformative moment in which business, political, and religious leaders worked to ceremonially unite God and government as never before. Read More

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From Farm to Fork to Keyboard

Jul 01, 2015 | Bethany Jenkins

It is easy to view food as a personal right for our own ends. Scripture tells us otherwise. Read More