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Keller on Quiet Times, Mysticism, and Priceless Payoff of Prayer

Oct 21, 2014 | Matt Smethurst

I asked Tim Keller about mysticism, the problem with quiet times, how he’s taught his congregation to pray, advice for the distracted, and more. Read More

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The Church and Women at Risk

Oct 20, 2014 | Lindsey Holcomb

Because life can be tragic for women, it is crucial to have a biblical understanding of how the church can protect and care for women at risk. Read More

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Contentment Does Not Come Naturally

Oct 16, 2014 | Matt Smethurst

Watch Nancy Guthrie, Jen Wilkin, and Melissa Kruger discuss Facebook, the three categories of discontent, the challenge of holiday catalogues, and more. Read More

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Sex and the Single Woman

Oct 16, 2014 | Fabienne Harford

Nothing makes God look as beautiful as when we, who have tasted his goodness, would use our lives to testify that we will forego any momentary joy in order to taste more of him. Read More

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Oct 15, 2014 | Owen Strachan

In a time where churches seem to pursue a perpetual cycle of jaw-dropping experiences and spiritual novelty, Horton argues for a not-so-extraordinary commitment to daily faithfulness. Read More

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Seduction and the Cost of Saying ‘No’

Oct 15, 2014 | Mark A. Howard

Let’s not minimize the danger of our culture’s seduction, nor the cost that comes with our youth’s resisting the American way in the name of Jesus. Read More

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Christ Will Come Again

Oct 15, 2014 | Gavin Ortlund

Meditating often on the reality of Christ’s return and what he will accomplish at his appearing can only serve to strengthen the resolve of all believers, especially those who are suffering greatly. Read More

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The Weight that So Easily Entangles

Oct 09, 2014 | Lindsey Carlson

The need to shed physical pounds may reveal a deeper need to lay aside spiritual weight. Read More

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When I Feel Afraid

Oct 07, 2014 | Leeann Stiles

God doesn’t promise me safety in this life; rather he promises me something so much better. Read More

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Help, I Married the Wrong Person

Oct 06, 2014 | Courtney Reissig

God is no less sovereign over our marriages in a Western context than he was in the Ancient Near East or in a remote village in Africa. Read More