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Making Disciples Out of the Stuff of Everyday Life

Jun 30, 2015 | Ryan Troglin

If we want abundant life in Jesus, we’ll need to open up our lives and invite deliberate discipleship in. Read More

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Why Are You Worried?

Jun 30, 2015 | Timothy Lane

Whenever you place your ultimate hope in anything in this world, you will struggle with worry. Read More

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On Twenty Years of Marriage

Jun 29, 2015 | Russ Ramsey

In marriage God gives a gift of incalculable worth—a sworn partner for life. Read More

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The World Beyond Your Head

Jun 26, 2015 | John Jefferson Davis

Multiple secondary and tertiary obligations buzz around in our heads, preventing us from being truly present to the people and concerns that matter most. Read More

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How to Identify and Redeem Your ‘Money Motivators’

Jun 23, 2015 | Chad S. Hamilton

A financial planner explains how to identify our primary motivators for financial decisions and how to be motivated by 'treasures in heaven.' Read More

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Hello, I Am an Idol

Jun 23, 2015 | Nicholas McDonald

Hello there. I am an idol. Read More

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How to Conquer the Grumbles

Jun 22, 2015 | Michael Herrington

Becoming aware of my grumbling showed me where I desire my kingdom, rather than God’s kingdom, to flourish. Read More

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The Proverbs 31 Man

Jun 20, 2015 | J. A. Medders

We must not let assumption rebrand Proverbs 31 as a passage applicable only to women and women's ministries tote bags. It speaks volumes to men as well. Read More

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Fathers, Lead Well in Your Homes

Jun 20, 2015 | Colin Smith

King David provided better leadership at work than in his home. Godly fathers must lead well in the home. Read More

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When the Wages of Sin Is a Grandbaby

Jun 19, 2015 | Kim Ransleben

Breathe. The wages of sin is not a grandbaby; the wages of sin is death. God knits together life. Read More