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Stories too Small to Satisfy

Sep 30, 2014 | Matt Smethurst

Only the biblical story is big enough to make sense of all the beauty and the brokenness we see in this world. Read More

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Active Spirituality

Sep 29, 2014 | Jason Helopoulos

Pastoral wisdom and insight are lucidly demonstrated in the pages of these 31 letters. Read More

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Kingdom Opportunities Mean Kingdom Adversaries

Sep 29, 2014 | Derek Rishmawy

If God is with me, there will be many adversaries. Read More

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Will God Protect My Children?

Sep 29, 2014 | Michael Patton

We don’t become Christians because of fringe benefits; we become Christians because Christianity is true. Read More

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Punch Thy Neighbor?

Sep 26, 2014 | J. F. Arnold

'Can you love your neighbor as yourself, and at the same time knee him in the face as hard as you can?' Read More

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Second Forgetting

Sep 26, 2014 | John Dunlop

Combining robust biblical theology with extensive clinical experience, Mast provides realistic help for serving those suffering from dementia. Read More

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Why We Play

Sep 26, 2014 | Erik Thoennes

I’m convinced that helping God’s people survive in a broken world requires a well developed ability to play. Read More

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Jesus, Our Avenger

Sep 26, 2014 | Josh Vincent

No other news trumps that for those whose 'innocent blood' has been spilt. Read More

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Three Reasons to Put the ‘Feeling’ Back into Faith

Sep 25, 2014 | Jen Pollock Michel

The dangers of a sentimental approach to our faith are legion. Nevertheless, there may still be valid reason for the collaboration of the 'heart' in the life of faith. Read More

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Mutual Confession: A Holy Experiment

Sep 24, 2014 | Dane Deatherage

It is difficult confessing sin, but it becomes almost impossible when you anticipate a tongue lashing—even worse, when you are expected to dole out a scolding as well. Read More