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Same-Sex Attraction and the Life-Giving Freedom of the Gospel

Mar 05, 2015 | Mark Mellinger

How can a wrong view of God add to the struggle of same-sex attraction? Read More

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Lighten Your Load

Mar 04, 2015 | Melissa Kruger

Unbelief regarding past sin, present temptation, and future joy can overload our hearts—encumbering, distracting, and discouraging us. Read More

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How To Memorize The Biblical Narrative (Part 2)

Mar 03, 2015 | Joe Carter

You gain no benefit from merely agreeing that memorizing the Biblical narrative would be spiritually helpful; you have to actually make time to accomplish this task Read More

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Josh Hamilton and the Monster that Hunts Us All

Mar 03, 2015 | Jeff Robinson

Josh Hamilton's relapse into drugs and alcohol reminds all Christians that though we are saved by grace, a motivated enemy still hunts us. Read More

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How to Memorize the Biblical Narrative (Part 1)

Mar 02, 2015 | Joe Carter

Let’s get started on what will be the first step in memorizing the story of the Bible, from the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1 to the city of New Jerusalem in Revelation 21. Read More

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From Good to Grace

Feb 27, 2015 | Lindsey Carlson

Insightful and relatable, Hoover offers a message of good news for the weary perfectionist. Read More

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4 Tips to Memorize (Almost) Anything

Feb 26, 2015 | Joe Carter

Here are four tips for developing your ability to quickly and effectively memorize large collections of information. Read More

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Pastors, Prioritize Prayer

Feb 26, 2015 | Don Carson

You do not have to have a bulletin; you have to pray. Read More

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How to Memorize (Almost) Anything

Feb 25, 2015 | Joe Carter

Here's a technique used by giants of the faith like Augustine and Thomas Aquinas to memorize long strings of information. Read More

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How Memorization Feeds Your Imagination

Feb 24, 2015 | Joe Carter

Memorization is an essential, but largely forgotten, skill for the stewardship of our imagination. This series will help you reacquire this lost art. Read More