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The Wonder of Sunday Morning

They are not paid to be here. They are not forced to be here. Yet they come and serve each other in beautiful ways.

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“Is This Where Easter Lives?”

Easter lives. There’s an empty tomb in Jerusalem and resurrected hearts all over the world.

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The Surprising Opportunity of Conflict

If your life is a story that God is writing, you can expect to face conflict throughout the plot line of your life.

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Repentance Entails a Life of Mission

The purposeful obedience on display in our lives of ongoing repentance is a missional obedience. As we walk worthy of repentance, we call others to follow Jesus.

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Tears at the Table

We told our kids about the tragedy of Eric Garner tonight, why it matters, and why we care.

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Give Me the Doubly Offensive Jesus, Please

Jesus said He came to call sinners to repentance. The church is offended that Jesus’ call is for sinners. The world is offended that He calls for repentance.

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Startled By Our Sun-Drenched World of Grace

Next time you walk outside and the sun is shining, let the warmth of the sun’s rays startle you into gratitude, and then praise the God who drenches His world in grace.

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When Your Father Tells You To Walk: Engaging the Sanctification Debate Through the Lens of Adoption

If we see God through the eyes of adoption, as a loving Father who in His grace now calls us to obedience, then we are freed by the commands of love.

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The Repentant Heart is a Renouncing Heart

The repentant heart renounces the stepladder of superiority; looking up to God for salvation keeps it from looking down on anyone else.

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“Because We’re Christians, Kids”

We want our kids to be okay when they are in step with the kingdom and out of step with the world.

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