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The Safest Road to Hell

Screwtape advises Wormwood to use mindless triviality and banality in his attack on the Christian.

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Why So Many are Surprised at the State of Race Relations

We tend to understand race, racism, and the form of racialization as constants rather than as variables.


You Can’t Pass On Faith You Don’t Have

The real problem in America today isn’t that we believers are foreigners. It’s that our children and grandchildren aren’t.

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Marveling at God’s Sovereignty and Human Choice

Surely our lives are greatly enriched when we recognize the mysterious beauty of the interplay between God’s ways and ours.

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Your Personal Idea of God? What Matters Is His Idea of You

A paragraph of refreshing common sense from atheist writer Julian Barnes.


God On Earth, Man in Heaven, and All Became Mingled Together

John Chrysostom (349-407 A.D.) asks the question, “What could ever be equal to these good tidings?”

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Joy Flowing to the World

Borrowing a few lyrics from “Joy to the World”, here’s how the joy of God flows out from our hearts into civilization.

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Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

One of my favorite lesser-known hymns that fits the Christmas season well

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Jesus is the Key to the Bible

J. C. Ryle on how Scripture testifies to Christ.

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A “Dull Preacher” is a Contradiction

I would say that a “dull preacher” is a contradiction in terms; if he is dull he is not a preacher.

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