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Sheep who Win the Battle with Wolves

Jesus sends us “as sheep among wolves.” And He expects us to prevail.

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Paradise Invades the Stench of Death

Athanasius on the resurrection of Lazarus

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Why We Need Both Clarity and Courage in Preaching

What is needed in the pulpits of the world today is a combination of clarity and courage, or of ‘utterance’ and ‘boldness’.


There Is a Far Kingdom

An enchanting melody and lyric from The Gray Havens.

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Truth, Full to the Bursting, Fuels My Worship

“Christ in me” is an all-encompassing, all-empowering fact from which no quarter of my worship can be excused.

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Empires Fall as Victims of Their Own Proud Illusions

All earthly civilizations are indeed corruptible and must one day perish.

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The God Who Will Not Be Tribalized

To tribalize God is to preach, teach, and live as though He exists to promote the narrow interest of a particular group, culture, or country…


Proclaim The Gospel, Not Your Own Thoughts

Let Jesus manifest Himself in His own light. Do not cast a light on Him or attempt to show the sun with a candle.

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Mourning the Destructiveness of the Divorce Culture

One must have a heart of iron to pretend that all is fine, when children must suffer so badly for the selfishness of their parents; when children must be “grown up,” so that their parents can persist in behaving like self-willed children.

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100 Years Ago Today, Europe Bumbled Into War

100 years ago today, the last chance for peace was Belgium.