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N. T. Wright On Marriage as a Signpost

N. T. Wright’s speech at Humanum this week is a masterful exposition of biblical theology.

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Following God Can End Badly

Matt Chandler on ministry and suffering, and how God is the hero of the story – not us. This is powerful.

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The Holy Spirit in Your Marriage

To have a marriage that sings requires a Spirit-created ability to serve, to take yourself out of the center, to put the needs of others ahead of your own.

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Writers, Passive Verbs Are Not Always Bad

We now know that telling writers to avoid the passive is bad advice. The passive construction has a number of indispensable functions because of the way it engages a reader’s attention and memory.

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Every Spiritual Blessing in Christ

By God’s grace, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, believers are assured of “every spiritual blessing in Christ”

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Our Evangelistic Mandate is from the Whole Bible

One of my favorite run-on sentences ever. From John Stott…

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The Will of God Expressed in Christ

A quote from Cyprian.

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Saeed Abedini’s Letter to His Daughter on Her 8th Birthday

This letter is a beautiful testament to God’s grace in the midst of suffering.

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Faithful Presence Is Not Enough

Jesus was not merely present in the world, but far, far more. He was intensely active.


Sheep who Win the Battle with Wolves

Jesus sends us “as sheep among wolves.” And He expects us to prevail.

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