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Our Evangelistic Mandate is from the Whole Bible

One of my favorite run-on sentences ever. From John Stott…

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The Will of God Expressed in Christ

A quote from Cyprian.

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Saeed Abedini’s Letter to His Daughter on Her 8th Birthday

This letter is a beautiful testament to God’s grace in the midst of suffering.

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Faithful Presence Is Not Enough

Jesus was not merely present in the world, but far, far more. He was intensely active.


Sheep who Win the Battle with Wolves

Jesus sends us “as sheep among wolves.” And He expects us to prevail.

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Paradise Invades the Stench of Death

Athanasius on the resurrection of Lazarus

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Why We Need Both Clarity and Courage in Preaching

What is needed in the pulpits of the world today is a combination of clarity and courage, or of ‘utterance’ and ‘boldness’.


There Is a Far Kingdom

An enchanting melody and lyric from The Gray Havens.

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Truth, Full to the Bursting, Fuels My Worship

“Christ in me” is an all-encompassing, all-empowering fact from which no quarter of my worship can be excused.

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Empires Fall as Victims of Their Own Proud Illusions

All earthly civilizations are indeed corruptible and must one day perish.

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