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God is an Inexhaustible Fountain of Love

Our highest aspiration is the sweetest enjoyment of having our hearts deluged with love from God.

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The Prayer That Helps Us Ache

The Lord’s Prayer is our teacher; and the Lord’s Prayer teaches us what we are to yearn for…

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A World Waiting To Be Claimed

A poem about death, by Calvin Miller

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The Bible is Not a Portrait; It’s a Window

The best questions to ask first are always, “Where is the glory? What does this passage teach me about God?”

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Thank God for Life, and Ask for More

We are always in His hands, but we often feel like we are in our own. We can’t thank Him for every breath and every heartbeat, but we can thank Him every day for not splatting us with the moon or letting us drop into the sun.

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A Pledge of Convictional Civility

Millard Erickson:

    I will not point out the presuppositions of another’s position without acknowledging that I have presuppositions myself.
    I will not contend that another’s view is historically conditioned without conceding that mine is also.
    I will be more concerned not to misunderstand or misrepresent others’ views than to claim that mine has been misunderstood or misrepresented.
    I will be more concerned that my language by fair and objective than I am that others’ language about me may not be.
    I will not caricature my opponent’s view to make my own appear more moderate.
    I will not employ ad hominem arguments.
    I will abstain from the use of pejorative language.
    I will not impute motives or emotions to others.
    I will think of intellectual arguments in terms of differences over ideas, not as personal disputes.

– from Convictional Civility: Engaging the Culture in the 21st Century

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Bonhoeffer on Embracing Your Times

“I have no wish to live in any other time than our own, even though it is so inconsiderate of our outward well-being.”


Our Relation to the Church: We Are Servants

Someone who tries to lord authority over God’s people is a usurper.

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Gathering in Gratitude for Our Substitute Sacrifice

We don’t gather on Sunday mornings in order to gain God’s favor. We do so because Christ has saved us.

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The Disciples’ First Assignment: Do Nothing

We are conduits, not “co-Messiahs.” Ironically, we will do more when we realize that the weight of the matter rests on him, not us.