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No More Gender: A Look into Sweden’s Social Experiment

In certain schools in Stockholm, teachers try not to use terms like “boys” or “girls.” In an effort to reach a greater level of gender equality, the country of Sweden is pushing for gender neutrality.

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Help the Family of Slain Teacher Ronnie Smith: Buy His Excellent Book – The History of Redemption

I never met Ronnie, but a couple years ago, a mutual friend gave me his excellent book. It includes passages from the Bible, arranged in chronological format in order to show the story of God keeping His promise to send redemption through His Son.


When I Had Beans for Thanksgiving

When I bowed my head to pray before the meal, I found that I could not bring myself to utter a sincere “thank you” to God.

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How Do You Teach the Gospel to Kids? 3 Things to Consider

In this short video, I offer three things you ought to consider whenever you are teaching the gospel to your kids or the the kids in your church.

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The Art of Looking Around

A missionary can never be a missionary until he or she learns the art of looking around. To see the world and every person in it is the big requirement.

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Leading a Gospel Advance: A Conversation With Alvin Reid

Why Alvin Reid wants believers to recapture the sense of Christianity as a movement of gospel advance.

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We Will Be Free: How Oppressed Christians Answer Totalitarian Threats

How do oppressed Christians threaten a totalitarian oppressor? By claiming to be free, no matter what.

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Paul’s Missionary Methods Brings New Life to a Classic Work

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of Roland Allen’s “Missionary Methods,” a group of well-regarded evangelical scholars have come together to assess the ongoing relevance of Allen’s proposal today, as well as other features of Paul’s mission work that deserve exploration.

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Why Roland Allen’s 100-Year-Old Book Continues to Challenge

Roland Allen’s “Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours?” first appeared in 1912 and is recommended more highly a century after its initial publication than when it was released.

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Learning from a Lesbian Visitor to Your Church

On a regular basis, people call this church and ask the pastor if they are “welcoming.” The conversation usually goes like this…

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