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3 Definitions of “Secular” and Why They Matter for Our Mission

Our missional engagement will suffer if we see ourselves in a battle between “religion” and “secularity.”

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D. L. Moody the Educating Evangelist

Many evangelicals probably think of Moody primarily as an evangelist. Kevin Belmonte shows how he was also an innovative educator.

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Reflections on the Gospel Project Panel on Calvinism and Mission

Audio from Ed Stetzer, Trevin Wax, Frank Page, and David Platt’s conversation about Calvinism, with some personal reflections.

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The Missional Church Is Pointed in 5 Directions

Missional churches are not just “outward focused.” The biblical position is more robust (and beautiful) than the inward / outward dichotomy.

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The Great Commission Means Sharing Christ’s Story, Not Yours

Don’t miss the power of personal testimonies. Just make sure they undergird and support the clear gospel message and don’t somehow replace it.

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Reaching and Keeping the Post-Boomer Generation

A summary of Robert Wuthnow’s “After the Baby Boomers” and some thoughts on how we can apply his insights in our outreach to post-Boomers and Millennials.

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World Vision and Why We Grieve For the Children

No matter what you think about World Vision’s decision, I hope you feel a sense of grief for the children. This is a story of deep and lasting significance, because there are children’s lives at stake in how we respond.

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Kingdom People Blog Now in Romanian

Longtime readers of this blog know that I served churches in Romania from 2000-05. My wife is a Romanian citizen, and we continue to keep in touch with friends and family in Eastern Europe.

My time in Romania was formative for my outlook in ministry. It’s where I learned to preach and teach. It’s where my mind “came alive” to the beauty of truth as expressed in Scripture. The foundational elements I’d picked up through the years in a solid, Southern Baptist church and a Christian school came together in a new way during those years of cross-cultural missions.

I receive frequent emails and messages from students and pastors in Romania and Moldova who read this blog. For several years now, I’ve hoped to launch a translated version of Kingdom People that would serve my brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe. That hope is now a reality.

Beginning last week, we launched a Romanian version of my blog here at TGC. Every month, I handpick articles and blog posts from the archives. A former classmate of mine who is now a pastor is helping with the translation.

I pray this resource will be a help to Romanian believers as they seek to extend the kingdom of God through their worship and witness. If you have some friends in Romania, please pass along a note with the new site. Thanks for helping get the word out!

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No More Gender: A Look into Sweden’s Social Experiment

In certain schools in Stockholm, teachers try not to use terms like “boys” or “girls.” In an effort to reach a greater level of gender equality, the country of Sweden is pushing for gender neutrality.

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Help the Family of Slain Teacher Ronnie Smith: Buy His Excellent Book – The History of Redemption

I never met Ronnie, but a couple years ago, a mutual friend gave me his excellent book. It includes passages from the Bible, arranged in chronological format in order to show the story of God keeping His promise to send redemption through His Son.