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Why Hillary Clinton Was Wrong to Compare Pro-Life Advocates to Terrorists

If you believe in human rights for all, including the unborn, you “don’t want to live in the modern world.” Your position is “extreme” — something we’d expect from “terrorist groups.”

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The Shrug That Scares Me To Death

The absence of societal shuddering in response to the Planned Parenthood videos frightens me more than the videos themselves.


“Shocking Videos!” and the Art of Looking Away

Brought face to face with video evidence of injustice, we do back flips to avoid the conclusion that there is a pattern of injustice and we should do something about it.

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How Disagreement Makes Us Civil

Incivility is when we give up on disagreement and become disagreeable. It is the failure of disagreement, not its natural outworking.

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On Abortion, Rand Paul Simply Did What Most Reporters Won’t

When Paul tossed a question back to a Democratic spokeswoman, he was doing what reporters rarely, if ever, do: He was asking a pro-choice activist a hard question.

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Americans’ Muddled Morality about the Unborn

The debate over fetal homicide reveals our society’s inconsistency in the ongoing debate over abortion: We only affirm the humanity of the unborn if the child is “wanted.”

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Churches Speaking for the Unborn

When it comes to defending the weakest members of the human family, I believe churches should feel free to speak up.


The New Abortion Absolutists

Are abortion rights supporters fully embracing an absolutist agenda, one that legitimizes and praises a woman’s choice to abort, no matter the circumstances?

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The Surprising and Sickening Outrage over Josie Cunningham’s Abortion

A woman in the United Kingdom faces an unplanned pregnancy that prevents her from taking the next step in her career. Great Britain erupts in judgment and anger toward the woman. What gives?


Why Pro-Lifers Are Losing Legal Battles, But Winning the Larger War

The pro-choice lobby says they are winning in federal courts but losing the larger war. I agree, but I don’t think the battleground is primarily in legislatures. It’s a battle for the consciences of the American people.