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Why Conservatives Want Obama to Say “Islamic” Terrorism

Many worry we are underestimating the religious aspect of today’s terrorist threat. 3 reasons why conservatives want Obama to mention Islam by name.

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President Obama and the Problem of Religious Conviction

According to President Obama, certitude, conviction, and confidence are the drivers of religious conflict, not the content of religious belief.

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Religion & Politics: Why We’re Always Talking Past One Another

If it seems like too often we are talking past one another, the truth is, we usually are.

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The 6 Moral Foundations of Politics

Here are the six primary moral sensibilities, and how the Right and the Left diverge on the best way to apply them.

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Your Mind is a Spin Machine

Our moral thinking is much more like a politician searching for votes than a scientist searching for truth.

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Our Moral Compass Is Turned Toward Self-Righteousness

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt believes “an obsession with righteousness (leading inevitably to self-righteousness) is the normal human condition”.

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President Obama’s Mythical 21st Century

If history shows us anything, it is that “the future” has often belonged to those who are passionate enough about their cause to destroy anything in their way in order to build something different.


The Progressive Appeal to an Imaginary Calendar

To be a “progressive” implies that your primary impulse is to progress beyond the present and lead the way toward better days. But not everything we foresee in the future is worth pursuing.

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The Supreme Court Agrees with Hobby Lobby, But Your Neighbor Probably Doesn’t

You may be thrilled at the Hobby Lobby verdict, but there’s a good chance your neighbor isn’t. In fact, a growing number of Americans don’t see “religious liberty” as important.

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News Release: John the Baptist’s Beheading

Here is how people in Galilee and Jerusalem responded to the demise of this beloved and controversial prophet.

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