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How Disagreement Makes Us Civil

Incivility is when we give up on disagreement and become disagreeable. It is the failure of disagreement, not its natural outworking.

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Here’s Hoping the Supreme Court Will Handle Same-Sex Marriage Like Other Nations Have

Conservatives who want the court to exercise judicial restraint in redefining marriage may find themselves hoping, just this once, that the justices will take a cue from other nations.

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On Abortion, Rand Paul Simply Did What Most Reporters Won’t

When Paul tossed a question back to a Democratic spokeswoman, he was doing what reporters rarely, if ever, do: He was asking a pro-choice activist a hard question.

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Why Conservatives Want Obama to Say “Islamic” Terrorism

Many worry we are underestimating the religious aspect of today’s terrorist threat. 3 reasons why conservatives want Obama to mention Islam by name.

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Which Churches Will Thrive in the 21st Century?

It’s commonplace to assume that society’s redefinition of marriage, gender and the purpose for sexuality will eventually persuade the church to follow along. But if we were to jump forward into the 22nd century, I wonder what we would see.

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Americans’ Muddled Morality about the Unborn

The debate over fetal homicide reveals our society’s inconsistency in the ongoing debate over abortion: We only affirm the humanity of the unborn if the child is “wanted.”

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dc Talk and the Influence of Faith-Fortifying Songs

20 years later, I’m revisiting “Jesus Freak.” Here is what has surprised me.

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“Who Should Raise Your Children?” When G. K. Chesterton Debated Bertrand Russell on the Ideal Family

In 1935, Bertrand Russell argued that “parents are by nature unfitted to bring up their own children.” G. K. Chesterton disagreed. Here’s how their debate went…

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Evangelicals and Catholics Explain What Marriage Is and Why It Matters

Time to look past past the misleading headlines and dig into the substance of the Evangelicals and Catholics Together statement on marriage.

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President Obama and the Problem of Religious Conviction

According to President Obama, certitude, conviction, and confidence are the drivers of religious conflict, not the content of religious belief.

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