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Evangelicals and Catholics Explain What Marriage Is and Why It Matters

Time to look past past the misleading headlines and dig into the substance of the Evangelicals and Catholics Together statement on marriage.

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President Obama and the Problem of Religious Conviction

According to President Obama, certitude, conviction, and confidence are the drivers of religious conflict, not the content of religious belief.

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Andrew Peterson’s Tribute to Nashville

I just can’t get enough of Andrew Peterson’s new song about Nashville – “Everybody’s Got a Song.”

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Religion & Politics: Why We’re Always Talking Past One Another

If it seems like too often we are talking past one another, the truth is, we usually are.

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The 6 Moral Foundations of Politics

Here are the six primary moral sensibilities, and how the Right and the Left diverge on the best way to apply them.

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The Hobbit and the Video-Gamization of Movies

Much of The Hobbit was about as enjoyable as watching someone else play a high-definition video game. In other words, not very.

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Your Mind is a Spin Machine

Our moral thinking is much more like a politician searching for votes than a scientist searching for truth.

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Our Moral Compass Is Turned Toward Self-Righteousness

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt believes “an obsession with righteousness (leading inevitably to self-righteousness) is the normal human condition”.

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Right and Wrong Lessons from White Privilege

Why we should stop denying the reality of white privilege and instead start focusing on how God intends for us to put our privilege to work.

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Rugged Rationalism and the Church’s Alternative Story

What if the subconscious reason for abandoning faith is the rugged appeal of rationalism – the fierce facing of reality, however stark the picture may be?

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