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Top 10 Quotes from the Dissenting Justices on Same-Sex Marriage

“Just who do we think we are?”

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Tim Cook on Values in the Workplace

How can citizens have a common life together when our reference points for morality and values are so vastly different? That question takes us beyond what Tim Cook calls his “North Star.”


Bill Nye and the Challenge of Inspiring Specks of Dust

It is intriguing to watch a naturalist who sees the dissolution of the universe as inevitable seek to inspire graduates to save the planet.


My Take on Pixar’s “Inside Out” — Brilliant and Beautiful

With each release, Pixar hopes to continue its streak of excellent and beautiful films that exceed the audience’s ever-growing expectations. With Inside Out, Pixar has delivered.

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Katie Couric on Gaining Technology and Losing Your Soul

Couric began with the exhilarating promise of technology and the potential for change in the world, but she ended with a warning to not lose your soul in the process.

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Ian McEwan and the Precious Gift of Being Offended

We welcome the opportunity to be “offended” by someone’s free speech; it is a gift to be cherished, a reminder of the precious and beautiful right we have inherited.


Stephen Colbert to Graduates: “Decide for Yourself What is Right and Wrong”

True courage is not deciding for yourself what is “right and wrong,” but seeking to discover what truly is right and wrong.


The Commencement Speech as Cultural Barometer

Commencement addresses are a good indicator of what our friends and neighbors “take for granted” as sound advice and worldly wisdom.

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How Disagreement Makes Us Civil

Incivility is when we give up on disagreement and become disagreeable. It is the failure of disagreement, not its natural outworking.

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Here’s Hoping the Supreme Court Will Handle Same-Sex Marriage Like Other Nations Have

Conservatives who want the court to exercise judicial restraint in redefining marriage may find themselves hoping, just this once, that the justices will take a cue from other nations.

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