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Time to Move Beyond “Defending” Marriage to “Rebuilding” Marriage

The church has been in similar circumstances before. How have we responded in the past? And how does this prepare us for the future?

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Back to Broadus: Why Pastors Still Consult This Preaching Classic

Preaching books come and go, but John Broadus’ work is considered a classic, and it is still in print after more than a century. What has given it such staying power?

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Overcoming Evangelistic Paralysis with an Unbelievably Good Gospel

You have every resource, every truth, and every power available to you in Christ.

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Mission in a Secular Age: A Conversation with James K. A. Smith

We are the heirs of societal shifts that are 500 years old. It might look like you’re witnessing a revolution, but it turns out it’s been percolating for centuries.

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Is The Era of Mass Evangelism Over? Why We Shouldn’t Rule Out Another Billy Graham

Greg Laurie and Luis Palau are exceptions to the rule, but evangelistic meetings and revival services are in the past. Right? Jake Hanson says, “Not so fast.”

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The Ripple Effect of Our Leadership Influence

My reading pile always has a leadership book or two. If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed that after you read a dozen or so of the most popular and respected books on leadership development, you start to see similar patterns and arguments. Many of the books sound alike. So whenever I pick up a book on leadership that says something unique, I stop skimming and start reading.

My copy of Jenni Catron’s book Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence (Thomas Nelson, 2014) is all marked up with sentences I’ve underlined and notes I’ve made in the margins. Jenni spent years in the Christian music business, she served alongside Pete Wilson at an influential Nashville church – Cross Point, and she is now on the leadership team at Menlo Park, where John Ortberg is pastor. Today, she joins me on the blog for a conversation about stewarding our gifts and influence for the good of God’s people.

Trevin Wax: You define “clout” as “the influence that God has given to you and to no one else.” Leadership impact is determined by how you manage this clout. Why is it important to know the particular ways God has gifted and called you?

Jenni Catron: I believe that God has designed each of us to impact the world in a way that no one else can. You have a specific purpose – a calling – that only you are qualified to fulfill. The unique combination of your gifts, talents, experiences and opportunities equips you to lead and influence those around you unlike anyone else.

I like …

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Good Theology, Good Lyrics, Good Melody: An Interview with Selah

Since 1997, Selah has been a mainstay in Christian music. The original trio was comprised of brother and sister Todd and Nicol Smith, and their friend Allan Hall. Nicol married and left the group in 2004, and Amy Perry joined a few years later.

The trio has sold more than 4 million albums and singles, and garnered seven Dove Awards. Despite their previous accomplishments, their most recent album, You Amaze Us, has achieved unprecedented success.

Recently, I sat down with Todd, Allan and Amy to ask them about their history, their songs, and why theology is such an important aspect of music.

Trevin: You’ve been together 17 years. What is the secret to longevity in the Christian music industry?

Allan: Every artist has a different story. For us, it comes back to our common heart and a common passion.

Amy: We get asked by other groups, “Do you guys fight a lot? Do you have trouble picking who sings what lead?” and we always say, “No.” In fact, we are so conscious of that kind of thing that we’ll say things like, “I feel like I’ve been singing a lot of leads lately, do you have enough?”

There’s still a brother-sister feel to this group, even though Nicol isn’t with the band anymore and I’m not actually the sister. We still have a unified heart as worshipers.

We know why we are called to do this. It’s ministry. We didn’t pick “You Amaze Us” because we thought it would be a number one hit. We picked it because it resonated with us and …

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Making Sense of Life After a Parent Leaves: A Conversation with Jonathan Edwards

How the gospel helps us deal with parental abandonment and its aftermath.


How D. L. Moody Paved the Way for Today’s Evangelicals

Moody’s ministry and ecumenical partnerships laid the groundwork for the neo-evangelical movement led by Carl Henry, Billy Graham, and Harold Ockenga.

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D. L. Moody the Educating Evangelist

Many evangelicals probably think of Moody primarily as an evangelist. Kevin Belmonte shows how he was also an innovative educator.

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