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Making Sense of Life After a Parent Leaves: A Conversation with Jonathan Edwards

How the gospel helps us deal with parental abandonment and its aftermath.


How D. L. Moody Paved the Way for Today’s Evangelicals

Moody’s ministry and ecumenical partnerships laid the groundwork for the neo-evangelical movement led by Carl Henry, Billy Graham, and Harold Ockenga.

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D. L. Moody the Educating Evangelist

Many evangelicals probably think of Moody primarily as an evangelist. Kevin Belmonte shows how he was also an innovative educator.

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Preaching in the Shadow of Adolf Hitler

Not all the pastors in Germany saluted Hitler. Here are the preachers who used their pulpits to challenge the reigning ideology of their day.

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Spiritual Disciplines, Legalism, and Laziness

Spiritual disciplines are a lot like physical exercise. You know it’s important, but it’s not always easy to get excited about leg lifts and pushups. Watch someone who seems naturally drawn to various disciplines, and you can quickly get discouraged, as the subtle strain of legalism infects and paralyzes your efforts toward spiritual growth. It’s no wonder some throw up their hands and give up trying.

I hesitate to recommend a book on spiritual disciplines, simply because I know too many people who will consult a book like this and think that if they aren’t fervently and thoroughly practicing everything recommended here, they are behind the curve spiritually. I also harbor concerns that spiritual disciplines can turn us inward, make us become too introspective, and lead to a privatized piety that harms our mission.

But they don’t have to. That’s why, when I consider my own spiritual life, I can’t help but think about certain practices and disciplines that the Lord has used to shaped me over the years. It’s with that heart and mind that I approach this topic.

Don Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently revised his respected work - Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. I asked Dr. Whitney to respond to a few questions about his book and the formative power of spiritual disciplines. His website is

Trevin: You write of spiritual disciplines as “the means to godliness” and point to biblical evidence and historical examples to make this case. Are you …

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Telling the Ragamuffin Story of Rich Mullins: An Interview With Director David Leo Schultz

“From the beginning I knew that in terms of doing a bio-picture, I wanted to flip the model on it’s head, and make God the hero of story.”

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Pastors’ Kids Don’t Want Superman; They Want a Loving, Present Father

A conversation about Barnabas Piper and the challenges pastors’ kids face.

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Southern Fried Faith: Surviving and Thriving as You Minister in the South

While I love the South, I love it with eyes wide open.

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How Can We Preach in An Age of Distraction?

The preacher’s business is with the mind; we have to get people’s attention, and hold their attention, if we hope for our message to make a difference.

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Sacrificial Love is the Key to the Christian Life

A conversation with Alan Cross about racism, the church, and dying to our preferences.

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