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The Blind Spots That Hinder Our Christian Witness

The challenge of trusting Christ to reveal our own weaknesses as we see the strengths of others.

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Christians Redirecting Cultural Realities Toward Christ

Every dimension of society and culture is ripe with potential for Christians to reshape and redirect it toward Christ. We do this as a matter of witness and obedience.

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Paul’s Letter to the Romans Set to Music

Imagine Paul’s most famous letter set to music in a way that lyrically mines the depth of this letter’s theology, and through music that helps you experience the flow of Paul’s thought.


Apologetics, Cultural Liturgies, and Our Postmodern Age

Nancy Pearcey gives guidelines for practicing biblical discernment with any set of ideas, identifying what they get right and where they go wrong.


Can Your Congregation Answer the Questions of a Post-Christian Society?

Christians are often stymied because they simply don’t know how to apply biblical truth to all of life. As a result, they are continually in retreat before competing ideas.


Helping Believers Be “Firmly Planted”

Discipleship bridges the chasm between the pulpit and the pews and expects believers to take ownership of their faith, some for the first time.

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Reawakening Wonder at the King of Glory

Why do we lose our wonder when we read the Bible? And how (and why) should we get this back?

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Why Mike Wittmer Thinks You Should Be a Worldly Saint

“Worldly Saints” may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s the perfect title for what God calls Christians to be.

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A Better Way to Make Disciples Among the Nations

Gerald McDermott and Harold Netland discuss witnessing to Christ in a world of religious diversity.

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Why You Should Trust Jesus’ Unbreakable and Infallible Bible

A conversation about Andrew Wilson about Jesus’ view of the Bible and why we should trust Him.