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The Mirage of “Golden Age” Christianity

Church history is a treasure box, not a map. We don’t honor our forbearers by seeking to return to their times; we honor them by receiving their wisdom and learning from their victories and failures.

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3 Definitions of “Secular” and Why They Matter for Our Mission

Our missional engagement will suffer if we see ourselves in a battle between “religion” and “secularity.”

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Tim Keller on the Disappearing Umbrella Over Conservative Christians

Now that the middle identifies more with secularism than with nominal Christianity, devout Christians are taking public flak for their views.

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“Because We’re Christians, Kids”

We want our kids to be okay when they are in step with the kingdom and out of step with the world.

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The Fault Lines Before the Evangelical Earthquake

The World Vision decision was a tremor that warns us of a coming earthquake in which churches and leaders historically identified with evangelicalism will divide along all-too-familiar fault lines.

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“God’s Like That” – What My Kids Got From Studying Hosea

God tells a prophet to marry a prostitute, give their children horrible names, and then go back and purchase his wife after she is unfaithful. How do you teach this story to kids?

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When Things Get Complicated, Remember the Basics

I don’t have all the answers to the ethical issues we face today. Nor do I know what issues will soon appear on the horizon. What I do know is this: when things get complicated, we should remember the basics.

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Loving Jesus While Leaving the Church: A Conversation with Ken Easley and Chris Morgan (2)

What is it about North American culture that leads us to dichotomize Jesus and the Church?

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Letter from a Millennial Who Walked Away

I never wanted to walk away from Jesus or his followers, but I feel like I’m left with no choice. Based on the testimony of others my age, I know I’m not alone. There are people like me walking away every day. Why?

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Continuing the Conversation Begun By the “Anonymous Youth Pastor”

There are a cluster of issues surrounding youth ministry, our expectations regarding church, our students, and our pastors. Here are a number of issues begging for further reflection.

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