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Love: Our Shelter in the Cultural Storm

How do we fortify believers for this cultural moment? The simplest, most profound answer is: through love.

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The Gospel, Marriage, and Sexual Schismatics

Union University’s decision to withdraw from the CCCU is not what is creating division, but the moral heterodoxy of the schools that have abandoned the Church’s witness to marriage.

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Will Christian Denominations in America Fade Away?

The imminent demise of denominations is premature, and a denominational affiliation is not the “hindrance” many believers consider it to be.

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The Battle Over How to Interpret Pew’s “Religious Landscape” Survey

Divergent perspectives on the Pew survey are connected to larger narratives that frame how conservative and liberal Christians in the United States see themselves.

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When You Want to Be a Christian But Don’t Believe in God

Is it possible to reclaim your religious affiliation if you no longer believe in the doctrines of the faith?

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Discipleship as Equipping Believers to Read the Signs of the Times

What kind of discipleship is necessary to fortify the faith of believers so that we see through the world’s false and damaging views of history and the future?

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4 Things I Learned at Dinner with Church Leaders from Denmark

Here’s what I learned from evangelicals bearing witness to the gospel in a country that is much further down the road of secularization than the United States.

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Which Churches Will Thrive in the 21st Century?

It’s commonplace to assume that society’s redefinition of marriage, gender and the purpose for sexuality will eventually persuade the church to follow along. But if we were to jump forward into the 22nd century, I wonder what we would see.

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Evangelicals and Catholics Explain What Marriage Is and Why It Matters

Time to look past past the misleading headlines and dig into the substance of the Evangelicals and Catholics Together statement on marriage.

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Revisiting 5 Evangelical Trends in This Decade: 2011-2020

At the beginning of this decade, I predicted several trends in evangelicalism. How are they playing out right now?

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